Together, we know change is possible

Will you give time to help build a hunger free future?

Even before the pandemic, one in five people in the UK were living in poverty, unable to afford the basics. More people than ever are existing, not living. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Now it’s time to act. Here’s how:

Become a social media advocate

Your voice is powerful, and by using social media to raise awareness of our movement you’ll be making a real impact. Sign up to receive regular updates and you can let your friends, family, and wider network know why a hunger free future is so important.

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Fundraise for us

Whether you run, bake, mountaineer, or exercise dressed like a dinosaur, joining #TeamTrussell is the perfect way to have fun and take on a challenge while raising money for a hunger free future. However you choose to get involved, we’ll support you throughout to help you find a way to raise funds that will be fun, safe, and rewarding.

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