Our aim is to end hunger and poverty in the UK. We support a nationwide network of food banks and together provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty.

But it takes more than food to end hunger. We bring together the experiences of food banks in our network, and their communities, to challenge the structural economic issues that lock people in poverty and to campaign for change to end hunger and poverty for good.

Poverty can be solved, and you can help. Join our campaigns today and make your voice heard.

Find out more about the research we do to support our campaigns here.

Current campaigns


We’re currently campaigning to end the five week wait for Universal Credit. More and more people are currently moving onto Universal Credit. None of them should need a food bank, but everyone who applies has to wait at least five weeks for their first payment – leaving many without enough money to cover the basics. Join the campaign here.



We’re also encouraging people to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Good Food Nation Bill. The Bill aims to make Scotland a nation with a fair food system where healthy, affordable food is accessible to all – your views on what a ‘Good Food Nation’ looks like are important and need to be heard. Find out more and respond to the consultation here.


We’re also part of a number of campaigning coalitions.

End Hunger UK is supported by a range of organisations including the Trussell Trust, Child Poverty Action Group, the Independent Food Aid Network, and Oxfam. The coalition believes everybody should have access to good food, committing to doing what we can to end hunger locally and calling on the UK Government to play its part in ending hunger.

Lift the Ban fights for giving people asylum the right to work in the UK. Right now, people seeking refugee status can’t work while they wait for a decision on their claim, instead having to live on just £5.39 per day. We think that’s wrong, and want people seeking asylum to be able to use their skills and live in dignity.

Stop the #DebtThreats is supported by organisations like Mind, Citizens Advice, Missing People, and StepChange. Research from the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute warns that over 100,000 people in debt attempt suicide every year in England – and letters from creditors can be a contributing factor. We want the Government to create new rules requiring creditors to use easy-to-understand language in their letters and signpost people to sources of support for their debt.