We’re going to end the need for food banks in the UK.

That’s why we work with food banks in our network, their communities and other organisations to challenge the structural issues that lock people in poverty and to campaign for change.

We believe that things can change. We’re committed to doing the hard work to create a more just society where everyone has enough money for the essentials we all need to stay fed, warm and dry. Make your voice heard and join us. Together, we can create a future where no one needs a food bank.

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Our campaigns

The true cost of living

It’s wrong that, despite living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, people here in the UK are going without the essentials we all need to get by.

As the price of essentials continues to soar, food banks in our network are preparing for their most challenging winter yet and doing everything they can to fight for people facing hardship in their communities.

But they shouldn’t have to. It should be our social security system that provides a lifeline when any of us need support.

That’s why we’re calling on the government to act now to ensure that everyone has enough income to afford the essentials.

We’ve worked alongside the Independent Food Aid Network and Feeding Britain to call on the Prime Minister to end the need for charitable food aid. And our supporters have stood with our networks of food banks and written to their MPs calling for everyone to be able to afford the essentials.

Read more about our joint letter hand-in to Downing Street

The government must take urgent action

If people are to have enough money to live with dignity, we need strong support systems that lift us out of hardship rather than plunging us deeper into poverty.  Right now, that means ensuring financial support reflects the true cost of living, and benefits are brought in line with inflation.

Watch this space for more on the next phase of our campaign and how you can get involved.