People near you and across the UK are facing impossible decisions this winter

What happens when you can’t afford the basics? When you have to choose between staying warm or buying food?

With rising living costs, energy prices at record highs and a cut in the Universal Credit payment, this winter looks deeply uncertain for many. People across the UK are going hungry and skipping meals just so they can pay the bills. This has to stop.

Will you join the fight against
hunger today?

Your support can take away fear and dread. It can help our network of food banks reach more people with the emergency food and support they need to get through the winter. It can help us campaign for policy changes that could eradicate hunger altogether. Because we all want to see a future without the need for food banks.

Two ways to show your support

Donate to help
fight hunger

Any amount you give will help support our network of food banks and help us campaign for change.

Add your name
to the fight

If you can’t donate right now, add your name and help us campaign for change to make hunger a thing of the past.