Share your story

Share your story to help us raise awareness of UK hunger.

We stand alongside and support people who would like to share their experiences of struggling to afford the essentials to help build a future where everyone has enough money to live on. There is nothing more powerful than hearing from someone about the reality they have faced, and we know that hearing about your experience will encourage more people to get involved in pushing for long-term change.

If you have needed to use a food bank or have experience of living on a low income and would like to make an impact by talking about it publicly, we’d like to offer you support and opportunities to do that.

How will my story be shared?

We’d like to work with you to share your experiences on our own channels (such as on social media and our website). With your agreement, we’d also like to share with the media where appropriate to help highlight the things driving people to food banks and to push for change.

We have a range of ways you can share your experiences, including anonymously. If you’d prefer to share your experience anonymously, you can let us know in the form below.

We will never share your details with anyone without your permission.

To find out more please complete the form below and leave your contact details so that a member of the team can get back to you with more information.

Share your story

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