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Waitrose supports UK charity to fund household budgeting & cookery courses

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The Trussell Trust partners with local communities to help stop UK hunger by running a network of over 420 foodbanks and providing a range of additional ‘More Than Food’ services, which aim to tackle the underlying causes of poverty by offering immediate help at the point of crisis. These include money advice, cooking and budgeting courses and holiday clubs for struggling families.

Waitrose’s donation will cover the core costs of running ‘Eat Well Spend Less’ courses, The Trussell Trust’s free six-session course which teaches cookery skills and household budgeting tips to make tight budgets stretch further. The basics of inexpensive and nutritious cooking, as well as household budgeting and meal planning to help reduce food waste are all covered in each two and a half hour long session. The hands-on sessions see participants preparing food such as basic tomato sauce, burgers, homemade bread, and cereal bars.

Judith, a mother of two, who now helps to run an Eat Well Spend Less course after attending one herself and gaining more confidence in her ability, said:

“It changed how I spent my money. Now I’m spending a third less on food as a result of the course – I am making big savings and using the money I am saving to pay off some of my other debts. My young son comes and helps me in the kitchen now; he is my little sous chef when I am preparing meals. I’m also now not buying cereal bars for my children as I learnt how to make my own here.”

Tina Varns, Manager, Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing at Waitrose, said:

“We’re delighted to extend our partnership with The Trussell Trust by supporting their much needed ‘More than Food’ programme,  which helps people in need in the local community.  We have worked with the Trussell Trust since 2012 and were the first supermarket to host permanent foodbank collection points, providing a steady flow of food to local people who need it most.”

Samantha Stapley, Corporate Partnerships Manager at The Trussell Trust, said:

“We’re thrilled to have Waitrose’s support for our Eat Well Spend Less cookery courses. We often meet people who manage extremely tight budgets, but for someone less confident Eat Well spend Less makes a real difference. Ending hunger in the UK is about so much more than food – it’s about building resilience and working proactively with people to make sure when crisis hits, people aren’t left needing a foodbank.”

The donation is part of the ongoing partnership between Waitrose and The Trussell Trust, which began in 2012. Permanent collection points in Waitrose stores have provided a steady supply of donations to foodbanks in The Trussell Trust network, and in 2015-16 over 1,000,000 million meals were donated by Waitrose customers to help local people facing hunger.

The supermarket currently funds The Trussell Trust’s ‘Tea for Trussell’ fundraiser, providing packs so people can hold their own tea party in support of the work of the charity. Get your own pack here:



Emma Thorogood, Press Officer, The Trussell Trust, or 020 3745 5982


The partnership between Waitrose and The Trussell Trust:

  • As well as providing a steady supply of donations to Trussell Trust foodbanks through permanent collection points in branches, Waitrose also supports local foodbanks through its Community Matters Scheme at local level and through its Partner volunteering scheme.
  • Waitrose is sponsoring the charity’s Tea for Trussell tea party fundraiser for the next two years.
  • In addition, Trussell Trust has been supported through Community Matters online, Christmas Campaign Donate Your Voice and charity Christmas cards.

About The Trussell Trust

  • Trussell Trust foodbanks provide three days’ nutritionally balanced food and support to people in crisis in the UK. We also signpost people to other agencies and services able to help resolve the underlying cause of the crisis. As part of the charity’s More Than Food approach, many foodbanks also host additional services like money advice, cooking and budgeting courses and holiday clubs.
  • In 2015-16, 1,109,309 three day emergency food supplies were provided to people in crisis by Trussell Trust foodbanks across the UK.
  • Everyone who comes to a Trussell Trust foodbank is referred by a professional such as a social worker, health visitor or schools liaison officer. Over 30,000 frontline professionals refer people to Trussell Trust foodbanks, and 50 percent are statutory agencies.
  • The Trussell Trust is a charity motivated by Christian principles that runs a network of 424 foodbanks in the UK.
  • For more on The Trussell Trust visit
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Foodbanks brace for their busiest month as Christmas approaches

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  • Anti-poverty charity The Trussell Trust calls on people to support their local foodbank to help families facing hunger this Christmas
  • Newly released figures reveal 45% increase in number of three day emergency food supplies provided by Trussell Trust foodbanks last December compared to the monthly average for 2015/16 financial year
  • Analysis of five years of foodbank data by the University of Hull confirms a striking seasonal spike at Christmas

The Trussell Trust is calling on the public to help families facing hunger this Christmas as foodbanks busiest month of the year begins. Newly released figures reveal that during December 2015, The Trussell Trust’s foodbank network provided 133,734 three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis; 56,779 of these went to children. This is a 45% increase on the monthly average of three day emergency supplies provided in the 2015/16 financial year, which was 92,442.

Analysis of five years of Trussell Trust foodbank data by researchers involved in the NEMODE (New Economic Models in the Digital Economy) report from the University of Hull, Coppelia and AAM Associates* shows a spike during the winter months, with the highest number of referrals in the two weeks just before Christmas.

Anna**, a mum of two recently referred to her local Trussell Trust foodbank after the company she worked for closed, said:

“I’ve been really worried I’m going to have to tell my boy Christmas is cancelled this year. I’d never used the foodbank before, never even heard of it. I’ve never claimed anything – I’m dying to go back to work.

“I was really scared when I first went in but at the foodbank they made me feel so welcome – they were absolutely lovely. I took all my paperwork with me and the volunteers put me in touch with the MP and really helped me. The second I can, I’ll be making a donation to the foodbank – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.”

Many Trussell Trust foodbanks will already be providing seasonal extras to people referred to them for emergency food, such as festive food hampers alongside the standard three day food parcel or toys and presents for children. Increasingly, foodbanks are also offering support with fuel costs through fuelbanks or fuel voucher schemes, and some even offer warm clothing or blankets to help people fighting the cold.

Adrian Curtis, Foodbank Network Director at The Trussell Trust said:

“Trussell Trust foodbanks have always reported that they provide more support to people in winter, and we anticipate being exceptionally busy again this year.

Last year, one mum at a Trussell Trust foodbank on Christmas Eve burst into tears when the volunteers gave her a teddy bear to give to her young son alongside emergency food; she thought she wouldn’t be able to give him anything for Christmas, and the foodbank was able to provide her family with hope, as well as food for her family.

Sadly, this mum is far from alone. This could be the foodbank network’s busiest Christmas yet, so we would really value any support you can offer as we help stop families and individuals from going hungry this Christmas.”

To make a donation to The Trussell Trust or find out how to help a local foodbank, please visit


Notes to Editor:

For case study interviews, foodbank visits, and expert comment, please contact the Trussell Trust media team on 020 3137 3699 / Out of hours call 07789 642 727.


The Trussell Trust:

  • Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy or bereavement to welfare problems or receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. The Trussell Trust’s network of over 420 foodbanks provides three days’ emergency food and support to people in crisis across the UK.
  • From April 2015 to April 2016, Trussell Trust foodbanks provided 1,109,309 three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis. Of those helped, 415,866 were for children. Trussell Trust statistics are collected using an online data collection system into which foodbanks enter the data from each foodbank voucher. The system records numbers given three-day emergency food supplies. The Trussell Trust is measuring volume – the number of people to whom it has given three days’ food supply (containing enough food for 10 meals), but these are not necessarily unique people. Find out more at .
  • Everyone who comes to a Trussell Trust foodbank is referred by a frontline professional agency like Citizens Advice, housing associations and children’s centres.
  • Trussell Trust foodbanks do much more than food: they provide a listening ear and help resolve the underlying cause of the crisis either through signposting onto relevant local charities or providing on-site immediate support, such as holiday clubs or budgeting and cookery courses.
  • Find out more at


Neighbourhood Food Collection:

  • People can support their local foodbank by donating food at Tesco’s Neighbourhood Food Collection.
  • Tesco us is encouraging people across the UK to donate generously during its biggest ever Neighbourhood Food Collection, which takes place in all Tesco stores from Thursday 1 December until Saturday 3 December.
  • Since the Neighbourhood Food Collection launched in 2012, the equivalent of more than 38 million meals have been donated to people in need by generous Tesco customers.


*Research by the University of Hull’s ‘New Economic Models in the Digital Economy’ (NEMODE) project:

  • Earlier this year The Trussell Trust worked with data scientists, business model specialists and academics from the University of Hull and the commercial sector to create the UK’s first ever dynamic visualisation tool for crises leading to foodbank use, mapping 18 months of foodbank data against deprivation indices from the 2011 census and other open data.
  • For more information on what the initial findings of the research suggests, see the summary report:

** Name changed

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Kerrang! Radio calls all Food Fighters

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Throughout the month, Kerrang! Radio will be working with us and food redistribution charity Fareshare to make as much noise as they can about food waste and food poverty, and we’re delighted to work with them to raise awareness of how foodbanks help when people are hit by a crisis and how we can all help to stop UK hunger.


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New York Bakery Co. staff prepare for bagel charity run

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UK bagel maker New York Bakery Co. is supporting The Trussell Trust with donations of bagels and proceeds from the inaugural edition of the New York Bakery Co. Race on 25th September 2016. The family event will see employees, South Yorkshire residents and running enthusiasts from across the country gather at the Rother Valley Country Park to support Trussell Trust foodbanks close to the company’s factories in Rotherham and Maidstone.


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‘The Foodbank: Britain’s Hidden Hunger’ to be aired across the UK

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‘The Foodbank: Britain’s Hidden Hunger’ to be aired in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, after being shown in Scotland on 28 September 2015

On Wednesday 7 October at 11.05pm, BBC One will present the Friel Kean Films documentary ‘The Foodbank: Britain’s Hidden Hunger’ in England, where six months were spent following the stories of some of the people who receive help from Scotland’s busiest foodbank in Dundee, part of The Trussell Trust foodbank network. The documentary will air in Wales and Northern Ireland at 00.05pm the following night.


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The Trussell Trust: give the Emergency Budget the food poverty test 

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David McAuley, Chief Executive of The Trussell Trust said:

“We have two simple tests for the budget being delivered today.  Firstly, what does it do to reduce the number of people in poverty and hunger?  Secondly, what does it do to ensure the Government is supporting the work of charities and social enterprise in taking people out of poverty.


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Father’s Day appeal for toiletry donations

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Father’s Day can be a difficult time for men facing crisis, especially dads facing hunger who are unable to provide food for their families or afford basic toiletry products many of us take for granted.

In the UK, 1 in 5 parents skip meals to make sure their children have enough food, and for parents in crisis who are struggling to buy food, other basic products such as nappies, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and aftershave can be unaffordable as well.

We’re launching a Father’s Day appeal asking people to make donations of chocolate treats and men’s toiletry products (such as aftershave and deodorant) to their local foodbanks to help dads facing crisis in the UK.


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The Barons’ Charter project launches in support of The Trussell Trust

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We’re excited to see that Salisbury has been decorated with 25 life-sized decorated medieval barons, to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and helping to raise funds for The Trussell Trust.

The Barons’ Charter has been organised by The Trussell Trust and Wild in Art, displaying the biggest mass participation public art event the city has ever seen.

The trail runs for 12 weeks this summer, from 12th June to 6th September before the sculptures are auctioned in October to raise money for The Trussell Trust. (more…)

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Fuel Bank pilot scheme launches

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Energy supplier npower have launched a three-month trial of the nation’s first Fuel Bank to help those living in fuel poverty. The scheme has been launched in partnership with The Trussell Trust, National Energy Action and Durham Christian Partnership.

Placed initially in 21 existing food banks, the Fuel Banks will support households most in need of help by giving them funds to pay for gas and electricity alongside emergency food aid. They will help households using prepayment meters, regardless of whether they are npower customers or not, with the fuel bank voucher worth £49 credit, able to be used to top up gas and electricity meters. This will enable households that have run out of energy to get the power back on within a few hours for up to two weeks. (more…)

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