Emergency food

Find out how to get emergency food from your local food bank.

If you need help, a food bank can provide an emergency food parcel containing three days’ nutritionally balanced food. Parcels may also include other essentials like toiletries.

In order to get help from a food bank you will need to be referred with a food voucher. The voucher is then exchanged at the food bank for a food parcel.

Your local food bank will be able to tell you how you can get a food voucher.

Many food banks will also be able to offer advice during your visit to help you access other support you may be eligible for.

How to get help from a food bank

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Find your local food bank

Search by postcode to find your local Trussell Trust food bank and click through to find their website and contact details.

Get a food voucher

Organisations such as housing associations, GPs and advice charities can refer you for a food voucher. If you’re not sure where to go, contact your local food bank or check their website.

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Exchange your voucher for a food parcel

Visit your local food bank to exchange your voucher for an emergency food parcel containing a minimum of three days’ food, plus non-food essentials such as toiletries.

What to expect when you visit a food bank