Tesco Food Collection

1 – 3 December

The Tesco Food Collection is back!

Support the Tesco Food Collection to help families and individuals facing hardship this winter.

This year, the cost of living crisis is having an impact on all of us, as we feel the biggest squeeze on incomes in a generation. But for the millions of people already struggling to afford the essentials, the rising cost of living is leading to hunger as they have to choose between heating and eating. You can help – donate food, volunteer your time, or make a financial gift to this year’s Tesco Food Collection.


Donate now

Donate Food

To make your donation, just head to your local Tesco store, pick up an item or two from the list of your local food bank’s most needed items, and simply hand them to the volunteers or pop them in the collection point. See a map of participating stores below.

The items you generously donate during the Tesco Food Collection will form part of emergency food parcels to support families and individuals who are facing hardship in your local community.

If you can’t get to a store, please consider making a financial donation instead to help us support food banks this winter.


Volunteers are an integral part of the Tesco Food Collection, so if you have a couple of hours to spare, please get involved to support your local food bank.

“The Tesco collection day is really special. You get hit by a wave of generosity and humanity throughout the day.”

Bruce Gardiner-Crehan at South Belfast Foodbank

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      Tesco generously tops up its customers’ food donations with a financial donation of 20% of the value of the items donated. The top-up is calculated using an average valuation of £1.75/kg for all items donated.