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3.1 million emergency parcels were distributed by our food banks in 2023/24

94% increase compared to five years ago

1.1 million emergency food parcels were provided for children in 2023/24

Our vision is for a future without the need for food banks. The reality here and now however, is that there are millions of people who simply cannot afford to put food on their table.

The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of over 400 food banks to provide emergency food and support to people in crisis right now, whilst campaigning for the changes needed to create a future without the need for food banks.

As a philanthropist, you can play a vital and active role in supporting our work.

Our Work

Supporting our network of food banks

We assist food banks to provide the best possible support to people in crisis right now. We do this by ensuring they have enough emergency food to meet the need in their community; by providing expert support and resources; and by providing grants which cover vital elements like warehouse space, staffing and food delivery costs.

“It was very daunting to go to the food bank initially but because they were so welcoming, and made a coffee, I felt comfortable. Nobody judged me.”


Maximising Income and reducing the burden of debt

90% of people coming to food banks are in debt and many are not receiving the welfare benefits to which they’re entitled. In fact, approximately £16bn of budgeted welfare benefits are unclaimed every year.

To address this, we are working with food bank clients and those facing destitution to maximise their income and minimise debt obligation. We are developing a nationwide programme with the goal of providing anyone referred to a food bank in our network with free access to high-quality benefits and debt management advice. We are also expanding and developing our national helpline, Help through Hardship which is run in partnership with Citizens Advice.

“I couldn’t access my benefits and my Personal Independence Payment had been suspended. The helpline explained how I could start getting my benefits again and advised me on accessing public funds, as well as how to adjust my claim since I was too unwell to work.”


Campaigning for change

To protect people from destitution, we know that we need a social security system that works for everyone, and secure incomes so people can afford the essentials like food and heating.

Our policy and campaigning asks are rooted in evidence from food banks in our network across the UK, and the people they support.

We work with policymakers and engage the public to ensure they understand fully the state of hunger and poverty in the UK, and what is needed to tackle the root causes of need for food banks. The Trussell Trust also currently acts as group secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Ending the Need for Food Banks which was established at the end of 2020.

“As organisations committed to compassion, dignity and justice, together we can we authentically advocate for long-term policy solutions to end the grip of poverty. Building on our operational connections, we have already been able to share evidence about the scale and drivers of poverty in the UK and influence for positive change.”

Tom Lawson, CEO of Turn2us

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Why I support the Trussell Trust

“I fully support the Trussell Trust’s strategy and their increasing focus on ending the need for food banks. Having funded the successful Tower Hamlets Income Maximisation pilot, we are very pleased to back the Trust as they roll out this approach on a national basis. I look forward to continuing to work with the Trussell Trust over the coming years to help thousands of people facing severe financial hardship.”

Sir Trevor Pears, Chairman of Pears Foundation

“The Trussell Trust and its network of food banks are relied upon by many thousands of people, which is why we are supporting this important organisation.”

Julia and Hans Rausing

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People’s Postcode Lottery’s commitment to our work is deeply appreciated. They have supported us since 2020 and as we broaden our work together, they have used their platforms to raise awareness of our services and the impact we are having across England, Scotland and Wales and we are very grateful to have their truly supportive partnership to rely on.

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