Additional support

Food banks in our network help people break free from poverty by providing additional support to help people resolve the crises they’re facing.

Hunger in the UK isn’t about food. It’s about not having enough money for the essentials. Because of this, we support and encourage our food banks to provide compassionate, practical support to people in crisis so that they can tackle the issues they’re facing and won’t need to use a food bank again in the future.

The food banks in our network have worked to create and offer a range of services that can help people from reaching a crisis point in the future and make sure they can afford the essentials, like food. Everyone’s experience of poverty is different, and it’s vital that people receive tailored, dignified support.

Many of the food banks in our network are already providing additional support and building local connections to address the causes of poverty within their community.

Contact information

For more details regarding this work, please contact the team.

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