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Download our conversation starter cards to explore issues around hunger in the UK.

We know that lasting change happens when wider society acts and thinks differently about an issue. That’s why we’ve created a set of cards to get you thinking and start a discussion with your friends, family, colleagues and community about food banks and hunger in the UK.

Do you know how sharply food bank need has risen in the UK? Or what else a food bank can provide beyond emergency food parcels? How would you feel if you didn’t have enough money to afford the essentials? Find answers to questions like these and explore your own thinking with these cards.

Use the conversation starters to:

  • Discover stories from people who have used a food bank.
  • Find out the facts about food bank need.
  • Reflect on how the cost of living is pushing people deeper into hardship.

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It’s time to talk about hunger in the UK.

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More conversation starters

If you’re in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales you can download conversation starter cards to explore the issues most relevant to your nation: