Mars Food

We’re announcing a partnership with Mars Food to Stand Against Hunger.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mars Food, who believe DINNER TIME MATTERS, because evidence shows that eating dinner together is associated with a wide range of benefits. They also know that with 14 million people living in poverty in the UK, some people can’t afford to put dinner on the table for their family. We all believe that no one should go hungry and that everyone should be able to enjoy dinner and the benefits that it brings and that’s why we are working together taking a stand against hunger.

In 2020 our aims are:

  1. Support families currently using food banks by Mars Food donating £100k to the Trussell Trust to support its network of food banks to provide 2 million meals in emergency food parcels.
  2. Raise awareness of food bank use in the UK, through an on pack promotion with Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio, as the first step in changing minds around food bank use and poverty in the UK, and turning compassion into action.
  3. Call to action for everyone to support the Trussell Trust and their local food bank by donating food, money and offering to volunteer.

Partnerships and activations such as this bring the issue of families facing hunger to the forefront of their minds at the exact moment they are able to make a difference and buy food to support their local community and start a conversation about creating real change. Our ambition is that this becomes a long term partnership and over time we’ll work together on the ambition to end the need for food banks in the UK.