Helping local communities across the UK.

We have enjoyed working in partnership with Waitrose and John Lewis since 2011.  Food banks across the Trussell Trust network are supported year-round with generous donations of long-life food from Waitrose customers. These items help food banks in our network to create balanced three-day emergency parcels for people facing hardship, and donation points in Waitrose shops help to highlight the most needed items.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of Waitrose customers, who in 2022 donated more than 2.7m meals worth of items in their local communities.

In addition to this vital support, our partnership has also grown over the years to include:

  • Funding of Financial Inclusion Grants to food banks in our network, allowing them to widen the expertise and practical support provided to people facing hardship, with the aim of reducing the need for food banks in the future.
  • The donation of over four million plastic bags to food banks in our network. These plastic bags are used in food banks across the UK to pack food parcels, meaning that people receiving food and additional support from a food bank are able to collect their parcel in a dignified and practical way.
  • Pre-packed donation bags in select Waitrose stores, making it easier than ever for people to donate as part of their regular shopping.

We look forward to continuing to work with Waitrose & John Lewis in support of local communities and in our work to end the need for food banks in the UK.