At Work


  • Bouncing Babies – Get your colleagues to bring in a baby photo and have a competition to guess who’s who. Charge a small entry fee and offer a prize.
  • Ditch the Suit – Pay a small donation to dress down in casual clothes or dress up with a fun theme.
  • Sponsored Silence – Hold a sponsored challenge – can you go a day without speaking? Or sending no emails?!
  • Bosses Brew! Sponsor your boss to make tea for the day.
  • Auction of Promises – Ask colleagues to come up with a promise – such as getting coffee for the whole team for a week or getting your boss to wear fancy dress or job swap with a colleague. If you’re a manager, get sponsored to go back to the ‘shop floor’. Auction the promises over the company intranet or on the staff noticeboard.
  • Trek it Out – Near or far, to the Brecon Beacons or somewhere a little more local, organise your own company expedition. This can be sponsored or ticketed.
  • Five-a-side – Organise a football tournament with teams of your colleagues, local companies, friends and family. Charge an entry fee per team. You can even sell tickets to your cheer squad!
  • Get Cool– Do temperatures in your office soar in the summer? Fill a cool box or your work freezer with ice creams and lollies and sell them around the office.
  • Host a works Foodie Fundraiser –
    •Set up a brilliant breakfast buffet that colleagues won’t be able to resist! Organise a ‘Bring and Share Lunch’ or swap the shop and pack your own lunch (instead of buying) every day for a month and donate the savings made to the Trussell Trust.
  • Test your Knowledge! Test your colleagues’ knowledge by organising your very own quiz night. Make it all about sport or music or general knowledge. Alternatively persuade your local pub to help by donating the takings from its regular quiz night.
  • Sweepstake – Set up a sweepstake for a big event which could be anything from the first goal scorer in the FA Cup final to the winner of the winner of the Grand National or the latest reality TV competition.
  • Word Ban – Pick your most common corporate lingo, like “low hanging fruit”, “easy win” or “on the same page”; challenge people not to use these words for a day by penalising those that do and getting them to ‘reach out’ to the Trussell Trust.
  • Survey Savvy! – If you regularly ask for customer feedback, get customers involved in fundraising by suggesting your company makes a donation for every customer survey returned.
  • Tried and Tested! – Boost your fundraiser with a tombola, lucky dip or raffle (see keeping it safe and legal)


Most ideas can be switched from physical to virtual. Here are some ideas but if you need more help in making an event virtual, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to assist you in making your experience great for you and all your colleagues. You can start with creating a fundraising page to share information and raise funds or use an internal platform.

  • Gaming – Take some time off work and challenge your colleagues to your favourite online game. Why not also ask colleagues to donate to suggest or vote for which games should you all play.
  • Quiz – Doing a quiz online can be as easy as it is in person. Share your screen on platforms like Zoom, Teams, etc for image rounds or use apps for online quizzes.
  • Virtual Race – Keeping active is important. Even if you are in different places, you can still challenge your colleagues to a race. Link your accounts to an app like Strava and update your runs. Why not have a prize for best time, most miles ran, highest speed, etc?
  • ‘Share Your Skills’ Workshop – Do you have a colleague who enjoys crafts, has interesting skills or knowledge you think will be useful for everyone? Why not create an online virtual workshop where people can do step by step training on a craft, art, cooking or teach your colleagues a wonderful new skill.
  • Scavenger Hunt – virtual scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun. Host a virtual meeting and ask people to bring objects which you can find in everyone’s house. The quickest to come back and show the item, wins.
  • Share a celebration – create a fundraiser for a birthday, anniversary of time at your current work post, etc. Set up a fundraising page and ask people to donate in honour of your special day.