Family and friends

Holding an event with family and friends is a great way to have fun and raise vital funds and awareness. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Host a dinner party: Invite some friends round and ask them to make a donation for their meals! You could have a rolling event and go to a different friend’s house each month, or theme your food around a particular country or city. Get creative! You could even do a little extra fundraising on the night with a quiz or raffle, or having a ‘banned word’ jar.
  • Themed ball: Get your glad rags on and dance the night away with a themed ball. Sell tickets, have an auction or raffle, and have fun!
  • Pamper evening: Invite your friends round for an evening of indulgence, asking people to bring their favourite products and food. Sell tickets or ask for donations and have fun!
  • Quiz night: Organise a quiz night for your friends and show off your amazing general knowledge skills.
  • Take a walk: Plan a walk that everyone can enjoy at a local favourite park or route and get sponsored for your steps!
  • Garden party: Hold a picnic or BBQ in your garden or at a friend’s. You could even have a plant sale, tombola, or raffle!
  • Treasure hunt: Plan a route around where you live, your local town, or even your county. Create a hunt that adults and children can enjoy, and finish at a local park for a picnic or at a restaurant. You could ask local businesses to donate a prize for the winner!
  • Film club: Host a movie night with friends and family, basing the food, decorations, or even your outfits around what you’re watching!
  • Karaoke: Sell tickets or run the fundraiser like a juke box with friends and family paying a donation to sing their favourite song (or nominating someone to sing!)