Got a special occasion coming up? Celebrate and make a donation at the same time. 

For birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions, family and friends often want to show their kindness to you and a cause you support. You can choose to donate to the Trussell Trust in lieu of gifts, or even ask for donations on the day.


Instead of tea sets and toasters, why not add charitable donations to the Trussell Trust to your gift list? If you are having invitations or place cards printed why not add a text giving code? It’s so simple, just email [email protected] with all of your details and we can set up a text code bespoke to you and your beloved.


Why not invite friends to donate to us instead of buying you a gift this year?


Millions of people celebrate their birthdays on Facebook every day, with people wishing each other well, sending messages and photos of good times. Facebook Birthday Fundraisers are a great way to make your birthday extra special, more memorable and raise funds for the Trussell Trust!

When your birthday is coming up, Facebook will invite you to create a fundraiser. You can select us as your nominated charity. You can then select how much you would like to raise and when you would like to run your fundraiser until. Setting up a fundraiser won’t cost you anything. You have the option to match the donation amount to give your fundraiser a boost if you wish.

You can then invite your friends and family to donate to your birthday fundraiser and spread the word on your birthday fundraising target.


What’s more romantic than helping thousands of people? Show your loved one that you care by making a donation this Valentine’s day.


A new life brings hope. Why not help bring hope and help us end the need for food banks by asking for donations to the Trussell Trust at this happy occasion?


Celebrate a special anniversary by asking for donations to the Trussell Trust.


As you hopefully move to an easier way of life, ask for donations to the Trussell Trust from family and friends to help those living in poverty.