If you're able to help

The Trussell Trust is doing everything it can to support the food banks in its network, and you can help make sure that people in crisis continue to access the services they need during this period. 

Donate food

Food banks sometimes run low on certain items, and we know there are different pressures on stock levels in different areas.

We’re not sure about what the impact of the pandemic will be on food stock levels in the coming months, so we really encourage you to support your local food bank if you’re able to.

Please support your local food bank by checking what items are most needed, and donating those if you are able to.

You can find what food banks near you are in need of by using the search box below:

In association with  Give Food.

Donate funds

Every donation we receive makes a real difference and we’re grateful for your generosity in this time of uncertainty. By donating to the Trussell Trust, you’re enabling us to continue supporting food banks across the country and working towards a future where food banks are no longer needed. 

Donate now

Donate now


If you’re able to, you can find out more about available volunteering opportunities here. By volunteering for your food bank and being a voice for change in your community, you can make a real difference to people’s lives.

Across the UK over the coming months, food banks may need extra volunteers and there are lots of ways for you to get involved whether it’s as a warehouse volunteer or delivery driver.

If you’re in an at-risk group or self-isolating, you can still get involved as a Social Media Advocate – find out more on our volunteering platform. 


The changes announced to our benefits system in March by the Department for Work and Pensions are welcome – it is right that we focus on getting money to people so they can afford essentials during this pandemic. As the outbreak develops, more people than ever could need this support – especially those who aren’t eligible for sick pay or have unstable jobs. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we end the five week wait for Universal Credit.

Our benefits system could be the life raft people need now, stopping them from being pulled into poverty. While thousands of our incredible volunteers continue to help people unable to afford the basics, we’re asking our government to take this essential step. Join the campaign now.