How to end the need for food banks in the UK

We know what’s pushing people to food banks, so we know the building blocks needed to end hunger for good.

People need to use food banks because they don’t have enough money for the essentials.

Some people are between jobs, have health conditions or are looking after relatives and children, while some people are in work that’s insecure or doesn’t pay enough to live on.

Barriers like the lack of affordable childcare and transport hold people back from increasing their income, and high housing costs leave people without enough money for other essentials.

But all of this can change.

Download our policy briefings to understand how to end the need for food banks in the UK.

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How to end hunger for good

To end the need for food banks, we need to make sure:

1. We have a supportive social security system, which ensures everyone can afford the essentials.

2. Everyone can get the right support at the right time, especially when things are hard. We can do this with easy access to advice and support on money matters and readily available mental health and trauma-informed support.

3. People are supported in a way that reflects the reality of their lives, especially if they’re facing higher costs and barriers. We can do this with dignified support for disabled people, and people with health conditions and greater support and value for care and caring.

4. Everyone has the security we all need to access opportunities and have hope for the future. We can do this with decent, secure and rewarding work, safe secure and affordable housing and strong and inclusive communities.

These are the building blocks that will end hunger for good.

Two women high five outside a shop at the Trussell Trust Day of Action in Cardiff

Who needs to act to make this change?

We need every part of our society to drive this change – civil society, employers, businesses and all levels of government acting together with people who’ve needed a food bank, individuals and communities.

What are the policy solutions?

Explore the factors that make it more likely people will need a food bank and the policies and practices needed to ensure we all have enough money to live on.

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Care & caring

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Social security

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Mental health

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What can we do right now?

A social security system that supports anyone in need of help is the bedrock on which we end hunger for good, but more and more people are finding it impossible to make ends meet because Universal Credit is falling short and pushing people to food banks.

We need to update social security to make sure it’s fit for purpose, and we can start right now.

Help to build a future where none of us needs a food bank by joining thousands of people who are taking a stand and urging UK political party leaders to make sure Universal Credit protects people from going without the essentials.

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