Our work in Scotland

We’re working to end the need for emergency food provision in Scotland – find out what we’re doing and how you can get involved.

The distinctive context in Scotland provides a special opportunity to realise our vision to end the need for food banks.

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The rising need for food banks in Scotland

There are 43 food banks in the Trussell Trust’s network in Scotland, distributing parcels at over 120 venues, and in 26 local authorities.

Between 1 April to 30 September 2022, these food banks distributed 116,000 emergency food parcels, including 40,000 parcels for children. The level of need seen in Scotland over this period is slightly higher than the level of need seen in the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020/21, making them our busiest six months on record for that time of year.

This rising need reflects the impact that the rising cost of living is having on people in Scotland, with many reporting going hungry or cold this winter.

The increase in energy bills tipped my finances over the limit…I’m so worried about the coming winter, I know I don’t dare put my heating on.

Heather, 56, East Lothian

Everyone in Scotland should be able to afford the essentials – to buy their own food and heat their homes. No one should have to turn to charity for essentials like food, but for as long as they need to the Trussell Trust will be there.

Polly Jones, Head of Scotland for the Trussell Trust

Our strategy in Scotland

People need food banks when they don’t have enough income for the essentials. In Scotland, we’re developing a new strategy that includes offering strategic grants to food banks to support their communities and identifying millions in income for people facing financial hardship.

We’ve trialled new approaches that put people with lived experience of hunger and poverty centre stage and secured a commitment from the Scottish Government in May 2021 to develop an action plan to end the need for food banks.

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