Real Stories

Your support is helping us to change lives. Here are some of the stories behind the statistics.

Josh’s Story

After a troubled childhood, the foodbank welcomed Josh when his life went downhill.

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Sarah’s Story

Sarah never imagined that a simple change in her circumstances would have such a big effect on her life, but she was glad the foodbank was there to help.

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Susan’s Story

Mother-of-five, Susan was glad a Holiday Club was running in her area, helping to relieve the financial pressure that the school holidays bring.

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Judith’s Story

Mother of two, Judith reduced her food bill by a third by attending our Eat Well Spend Less course.

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Paul’s Story

A family bereavement turned Paul’s life upside down but the foodbank helped him on the road back to recovery.

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Marcella - "The foodbank gave me faith that there are people who understand and you can trust".

Marcella’s Story

Marcella never expected to find herself needing a foodbank, but when her health benefit payment was delayed, she was glad it was there to support her.

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Babs - "My life fell apart and ended with me having to get help from a foodbank".

Babs’ Story

When Babs’ health took a turn for the worse and she was advised to stop working for the first time in her life, she found herself visiting a foodbank for help.

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Richard - "Without the foodbank, I don't think I would be here today".

Richard’s Story

Richard was grateful that the foodbank was available to support him, following a deterioration in his health and domestic life.

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Suzanne - "The foodbank saved our lives"

Suzanne’s Story

With a baby on the way, the foodbank was a life safer to Suzanne and her family when she and her husband were both forced out of work due to redundancy and illness.

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Holly - "The people at the foodbank were wonderful, they understood and saved us"

Holly’s Story

When her daughter was suddenly hospitalised, Holly was forced to stop working, leaving them with no income to support them, but luckily the foodbank was able to help.

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Charlotte - "Foodbanks make an impact in every way possible".

Charlotte’s Story

Suffering from malnutrition and with no one to turn to, the foodbank helped 21-year-old Charlotte get her life back on track.

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