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Everyone should have the dignity of being able to buy their own food and it’s crucial that we challenge the causes of poverty as well as responding to its effects. No one should need to use a food bank, and that’s why we’re working with our network to create lasting change alongside supporting people in crisis now, thanks to supporters like you.

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This page will tell you more about our history, our work, and our plans – and introduce you to some of the people your donation helps us to support and volunteers that keep our food bank running.

Our history

Today, we support over 1,200 food bank centres across the UK, while campaigning for change – we’ve come a long way from the garden shed that hosted the first food bank!


The Trussell Trust is founded by Carol and Paddy Henderson using a legacy from Carol’s mother, Betty Trussell.


Initially, the Trussell Trust’s projects focus on supporting children sleeping at Central Railway Station in Bulgaria, but in 2000, talking to a mother in Salisbury prompts Paddy to think about the situation in the UK.


Paddy starts Salisbury Foodbank from his garden shed and garage, and over the next decade, the Trussell Trust network grows as the need for food banks increases. In 2013/14, food banks in the network supply almost 1 million emergency food parcels as the Trussell Trust continues support a UK-wide network of community support and call for long-term change.


After seeing record numbers of people needing food banks, the Trussell Trust campaigns alongside other anti-poverty charities to secure £1.5bn in additional funding to ease the roll out of Universal Credit, helping thousands of families across the UK.


The network provides a shocking 1.6 million food parcels in a year. The Trussell Trust continues to support food banks alongside campaigning for change, launching its first national campaign to end the five week wait for Universal Credit. Over 15,000 people join the campaign calling for change.

2020 onward

In April, food banks record their busiest ever month as a global pandemic pushes thousands into crisis. The Trussell Trust pledges to continue to support food banks to help people in crisis , while also working with food banks, people in poverty, organisations, charities, and the government to create a future where everyone can afford their own food.

Real stories

“A few years ago, I had occasion to need the food bank myself and recently decided to repay them by bringing a tray of canned tomatoes to donate, as well as asking if they needed volunteers – to which they quickly replied yes! I have found it an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I know a bit of bad luck can happen to anyone and you can see what a great help food banks are to those in need.”

Antony, Volunteer

“About 18 months after starting my own company, I fell on hard times financially. I was a single mother of two and I went for days without eating so that my children could eat. I felt like I had no choice but to turn to the food bank for help. Though a friend helped me out, it made me appreciate how easy it is for any of us to find ourselves in the position of poverty. Now as a volunteer, I’ve learnt that the people with the least money tend to be the most to give. I think it’s a true shame that in the UK in 2020 we are still seeing such a high demand for the services offered by the food bank.”

Natalie, Volunteer

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help in getting me a food parcels. I reached out for help in the morning and by the afternoon I had received my help. How lucky I am to live in this country where food is delivered to those who can’t afford it.”

Mark, supported by our national helpline

“After my health deteriorated, I couldn’t work. Then, when I separated from my wife and moved out of the family home, my Employment Support Allowance was delayed. I need to take 35 tablets a day for my heart condition, but travelling to collect my prescriptions left me without enough money for food and Citizens Advice referred me to the food bank. The volunteers were fantastic. I suffer from depression as well, and without the food bank I don’t think I would be here today. It’s a really bad situation that people have to decide whether they can feed themselves, feed their children, or put the heating on.”

Richard, person referred to a food bank

Looking to the future

Year on year, the food banks in our network are seeing more and more people struggling to eat because they simply cannot afford food. This is not right.

We know this situation can be fixed – that’s why we’re campaigning to create a future where no one needs a food bank. No charity can replace the dignity of buying your own food and having financial security.

Over the next five years, we’ll be working with the food banks in our network, the people they support, volunteers, policy makers, churches, and others to make this future happen.

While we together towards this future, food banks will not sit by and watch their neighbours go hungry. We’ll make sure that food banks get the bespoke support they need to help address poverty locally and enable people in crisis to access support. No one knows their local area better than the food banks themselves, and we want to help them serve their community as best they can.

We’ll also work to change minds locally and nationally, using evidence from our network and amplifying the voices of people in crisis to challenge misconceptions and increase people’s understanding of poverty in the UK, building the momentum for change.

And we’ll work with our partners to achieve policy change through all levels of government to eradicate destitution in the UK.

Your support makes this work possible. Thank you. 

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