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How can I help?

Our vision of a future where nobody needs to visit a food bank is bold, yet achievable. It will need a collaborative approach from a broad range of people to achieve real change. This is where you come in and this is how:

Share your story

Talking about your own experience of needing to use a food bank can be really powerful in persuading others and creating change. If you’d be happy to share your story, get in touch with the Trussell Trust via [email protected]

Support your local food bank

It’s vital that food banks are able to continue supporting people in their communities who are facing crisis. You can donate food or money to your local food bank for an immediate way of supporting, but why not also help challenge the underlying drivers of poverty by signing a petition, sharing content on social media or writing to your MP? 

Take action

There are a number of ways in which you can get involved with creating change. We recently launched our Hunger Free Future campaign where we are asking people to take action to help build a future where nobody needs to visit a food bank. There are lots of ways for you to get involved.

Join our campaign

Get involved at church

The Trussell Trust is founded on, shaped and guided by Christian principles, and churches have played a crucial role in supporting people in their local communities who are facing a crisis. If you’re connected to a church, visit the Church Support section of our website for resources that can help you support our long-term vision.

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Support the Trussell Trust financially

Every penny counts towards reaching a future without the need for food banks! You can make a one-off or regular donation to the Trussell Trust or get involved in a fundraising event. However you choose to make a donation, the funds raised will help us support the food banks across our network and help create lasting change.

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