Help us raise £1 million to ensure no one struggles to afford the basics, this Christmas and beyond

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This week we have exciting news –  a small group of incredibly generous supporters has offered to match any donations given to the Trussell Trust between today and Christmas, up to a total of £500,000 

This is an extraordinary opportunity to raise £1 million over the next few weeks – with every pound being used to build a better Christmas and a Hunger Free Future for families across the UK.  

Please donate today.

This couldn’t have come at a more vital time. Food banks in our network are set to be busier than ever this winter, and could give out an emergency food parcel every 9 seconds to people across our country 

This is not right. It’s time to end the injustice of people needing food banks – with your help, we can come together to make that happen. 

We know what it’ll take. Our vision is for a UK without the need for food banks – you can read our new five year plan here for how we’ll work towards a just, compassionate future where no one needs to use a food bank to get by.  

£1 million will help us:  

  1. Offer a range of support to food banks helping people unable to afford food right now  
  2. Develop projects with food banks that help prevent people needing support a second time – eg through projects which ensure people are getting all the money they’re entitled to  
  3. Campaign for the longer-term changes that we know will bring us closer to a future where everyone can afford the essentials.  

Our vision for a UK without the need for food banks is ambitious but we know that if we work together, we can reach it.   

This year we’ve already made incredible changes to the way we live, work and look after each other. If we take action together now, we can start to build a future where we can all afford the essentials. 

It’s never been easier to help – simply click the button below, make your donation and know whatever you’re able to donate will be doubled. 

Please donate today. 

Thank you so much for your support – with your donation today, we can build a future where nobody needs to go without the basics, this Christmas and beyond.