Remember A Charity In Your Will Week – #MyWisdom

This legacy awareness week, Trussell Trust founders Paddy and Carol share with us their advice on leaving a legacy as a way to pass on something legendary.

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Paddy & Carol Henderson the Trussell Trust founders

Carol’s mother Betty had latterly wanted to help people. But when she died suddenly and quite unexpectedly, we decided to carry out her wishes and use her legacy to fund something that would change lives forever by reaching people in the UK and overseas; which is how The Trussell Trust was founded.

In our society, we don’t talk about death and what our long term impact will be after we die. It’s quite simple, “there are no pockets in a shroud”; we cannot bring money with us so why not let your legacy live on in someone else. If we leave money and leave it wisely; it will change lives forever.

We build on the foundations of the past and through that we can make a strong future society. It’s the weighing scales of life, am I a consumer or will I tip the scales and become a legacy maker?

A legacy is like buying future, you are taking a risk and trusting the organisation to do the thing we could not do when we are alive. We are planning to leave a legacy in our Wills, putting faith in the Trust to carry on changing lives, building communities and transforming society.

At the end of the journey, everyone wants to leave behind something meaningful. Let your shadow live on in someone else by changing their lives, and start the ripple effect by leaving a legacy that will heal lives and transform communities.

If we could start a movement where everyone gave just a little in a legacy, we could change the world forever.

Paddy and Carol Henderson, founders of The Trussell Trust