1,084,604 people were given 3 days' emergency food and support in 2014-2015

445 foodbanks, 34,883 frontline care professionals, 10,280 tonnes of food donated, 42,000 volunteers

Numbers given 3 days' emergency food

Primary referral causes in 2013-15


Foodbank Statistics with Regional Breakdown


1st April 2014 - 31st March 2015

1st April

31st March

Stats April 2014 - September 2015


Regional breakdown financial year 2014 - 2015


1st April 2013 - 31st March 2014

1st April

31st March

Stats April 2013 - September 2013


Regional breakdown financial year 2013 - 2014


1st April 2012 - 31st March 2013

1st April

31st March



Regional breakdown financial year 2012 - 2013


1st April 2011 - 31st March 2012

1st April

31st March



Regional breakdown financial year 2011 - 2012


Trussell Trust statistics:

Trussell Trust statistics are collected using an online data collection system into which foodbanks enter the data from each foodbank voucher. The system records the number of adults and children given three days’ emergency food. Trussell Trust figures have always been reported in this way. We cannot measure unique users on a national scale, but recent detailed evidence collected from a range of foodbanks indicates that on average 49 percent of foodbank users only needed one foodbank voucher in a year, and that only 15 percent needed help more than three times in a year. On average, people needed two foodbank vouchers in a year.

Trussell Trust data collection seeks to comply with ONS guidance. The Trussell Trust receives technical advice from a former senior government statistician.

The Trussell trust publishes figures on use of their foodbanks annually and half-yearly, as part of a regular publication scheme.


Foodbank Figures Top 1,000,000

Clarification on Trussell Trust figures

Statistics for 2014-2015

Statistics for 2013-2014

Statistics for 2012-2013

Statistics for 2011-2012

Food poverty hearing pack

Foodbank Figures Top 900,000

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