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Right now, the soaring cost of living means more people are being pushed to crisis point and forced to use food banks.

Your gift today will help ensure we can still be there for people across the UK who need our support, while we we continue to work towards a more just future where we can all afford life’s essentials.

Setting up a monthly gift is the most efficient way to support the Trussell Trust – and every penny you donate makes a difference.

With your help, food banks will be able to support the hundreds of thousands of people driven to their doors with emergency food and practical support. Your support will mean there is always a listening ear ready to provide information and assistance. You could help people facing financial hardship to access the benefits and grants they’re entitled to.

We want to see a world where there’s no longer a need for food banks. So please help us create a more just future where everyone thrives – not just survives.

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