Acceptable? A poem calling for change

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This week, we released a brand new video of an incredible poem ‘Acceptable’ – have you seen it yet?

Written by Caroline, one of the thousands of people who’ve signed up to help us build a hunger free future, and read by food bank volunteers and staff from the UK, it describes what it’s really like to need to use a food bank, and should inspire us all to stop, reflect, and take action.

Last year, food banks in our network gave out more than 2.5 million emergency food parcels to people in crisis. Almost a million of these were provided for children.

Things like ill health or a job loss can happen to any of us – but if these hit someone when they don’t have enough support in place, it can make it more difficult to afford the essentials.

In the world’s fifth richest country, is it acceptable that anyone should need to use a food bank? That anyone should be unable to put food on the table, or struggle to pay for the basics?

It’s time for change. This simply isn’t right, and we need to make sure that strong lifelines exist to help all of us when we need it. Food bank use across our network is 128% higher now compared to the same time five years ago, and it’s time to stand up and say that we cannot accept this. We do not accept it.

Together, we know we can make change happen. Watch the full video now and share it with your friends and family now to get involved.