Random Acts of Kindness are helping people in crisis

Supporting the fight against food hunger; how one small, simple act of kindness can change a life.

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“I had never been to a foodbank before and wasn’t sure what to expect… I just wanted to thank you all so much.I felt rather overwhelmed but only because of the genuine kindness and generosity of everyone there… I can’t tell you how relieved I am to know that my children are going to be able to eat okay.”

Natalie left this note for the volunteers at the foodbank after she visited with her little boy.

Like many others who struggle in silence, she had hit a crisis point where she couldn’t afford enough food. It’s distressing and depressing to face hunger, especially when you have children, but thanks to small acts of kindness from so many different people, the foodbank was able to be there for this mum.

And age is no barrier to being able to help…

Big problems need people with big hearts

Thirteen million people live in poverty in the UK today. Low pay, welfare problems, domestic abuse, bereavement and something as simple as an unexpected bill are some of the reasons why people need help from foodbanks.

Last year Trussell Trust foodbanks gave over a million three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis. All this food was donated by ordinary people like you and me.

Every day, people across the UK perform little acts of kindness that help foodbanks to stop hunger in their local area, and without the dedication, compassion and creativity of people like you, there would be nowhere for people to turn when crisis hits.

That’s why we’d love you to choose to do an act of kindness today, to help stop someone in your community from going hungry and help them back onto their feet:

  • Give a tin or two to your local foodbank
  • Donate the cost of a cup of coffee today
  • Volunteer at your local foodbank

Give food

Over 90% of the food distributed by Trussell Trust foodbanks is donated by the public.

Everyone who has ever donated a tin of tuna, or carton of UHT milk, at the end of their weekly shop has performed a simple, but crucial, act of kindness that ensures a foodbank can provide emergency food to people who need it the most. Find out what items to donate.


Even the cost of a coffee helps: Give £3 to help stop hunger.

Or do you fancy getting more creative in your act of kindness? Here are a few inspiring ideas of ways you can help:



Last year, over 42,000 foodbank volunteers gave their time to help people in crisis.

Volunteers are at the heart of everything foodbanks do. From helping out a supermarket collection, to offering cups of tea, tissues, and a listening ear to foodbank clients, we’re so touched by our amazing volunteers’ acts of kindness. Find out how you can get involved with volunteering.

Natalie’s letter is a testament to the impact your kindness can have:

Today was a particularly bad day and as I explained to the two lovely ladies that spoke to me, I feel my chest is being crushed under the pressure of everything going on right now. But visiting and meeting the lovely people in the foodbank has really given me a lift in what is a very stressful time for me… Thank you for caring, at times like this it is so easy to believe the world doesn’t care.”

Every act has an impact

“Thank you, really, so very much for listening to me, for making my son and I feel so welcome and for the lovely food.”

It’s incredible that a community can pull together in this way, and it is also crucial that they continue to do so, because this mum is not alone.

From donating the cost of tomorrow morning’s coffee, to donating the cost of a month’s worth of coffees, every act of kindness has an impact.

To stop UK hunger we all need to be in this together. This Random Acts of Kindness Day, will you join the fight against food poverty?

Find out more about ways to give to stop UK hunger.