House of Opportunity graduate to run New Forest Marathon for abandoned children of Bulgaria

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Budding athlete Dani didn’t have the best start in life: he was abandoned to an orphanage aged four and abused as a child. Aged 18, like all those in state care in Bulgaria, Dani had to leave the orphanage. His life took a turn for the better when he joined our House of Opportunity programme and he is determined to give more orphanage leavers the chance he had, which is why he is running the New Forest Marathon on 25th September.

After graduating from our two year residential training programme in June Dani told us: ‘The House of Opportunity helped me to develop. It taught me how to look for a job and what it means to have a job. I believe in myself now, I know what I can achieve and it helped me to become a better person altogether. That’s why I want to do this marathon, I want to help more people like me.’

Many Bulgarian orphanage leavers are forced into crime or prostitution to survive, some become victims of human trafficking. Dani is passionate about giving vulnerable young people the chance to build successful independent lives through Houses of Opportunity. Dani hopes to raise £6K, enough to refurbish a building for a new House of Opportunity.

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