Stand for change:

Young people
against poverty

Find out how young people across the UK are working together to fight the causes of poverty and create a better future.

The Trussell Trust’s youth participation group, Stand for Change: Young People Against Poverty, are using their lived experience of financial hardship to build understanding about the causes and impacts of poverty, and encourage more people to stand for change and end the need for foodbanks. Read on to discover, in their own words, what Stand for Change have been up to and their plans for the future:

Who we are

We are young people, from across the UK, who are passionate about a common goal: fighting the causes of poverty and finding solutions for all.

We’ve lived through hard times, experiencing the constant worry of financial hardship. We want a better future for ourselves and others. We want to inspire other young people to join our fight against poverty.

What we’re doing

We have come together from all over the UK to build a project that is about young people, for young people. We have:

  • Met with artists to learn new skills
  • Created educational resources
  • Attended events and online activities
  • Taken weekends away to build Stand for Change and get to know each other

Along the way, we’ve created bonds, shared ideas, and grown in confidence in a safe space that we have built together. As our project grows, we want our work to help:

  • Break down stereotypes and negative attitudes about the causes of poverty and how it affects young people.
  • Use our own voices and create platforms for other young people’s voices, to advocate on the issues that matter most to us.
  • Change minds in the UK about the causes and impact of poverty and inspire others, whatever their age, to see that they can be part of making a positive change for all.

Watch the video

Hear about Stand for Change, in their own words, spoken by the young people from the group.

What's next?

We’ll be documenting our experiences and achievements over the coming months – watch this space for the latest updates.

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