Stand for change:

Young people
against poverty

Do you want to join us?

We’re looking for young people who:

  • are 14-18 years old
  • have experience of financial challenges or hardship in their lives
  • are passionate about creating real change in the UK to benefit children and young people

Together we will:

  • work with artists and creatives to tell and share stories
  • create educational packs and toolkits to share knowledge
  • build understanding about the causes and impacts of poverty, and encourage more people to stand for change!

If you’d like to join us, complete this form and Louise Kinsella, Youth Participation Manager, will contact you with more information and to answer any questions you might have.

You can also read more about the project, what support we will offer, and the work of The Trussell Trust below this form.

We’re so excited to meet you!

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Who are the Trussell Trust?

The Trussell Trust is an anti-poverty charity that supports a UK-wide network of food banks. A food bank is a place in local communities that people can go to access emergency food when they are struggling to buy food for themselves and their families, while meeting all of their other bills and daily needs, like rent/mortgage, gas and electricity, travel and clothes. People can also get advice and guidance on issues relating to money and support at the food bank too.

Though we provide emergency food and advice to families and individuals experiencing poverty and financial hardship, and though we are deeply proud to stand in solidarity with all those facing poverty in the UK, we don’t want food banks to have to exist.

Our vision is for a UK without the need for food banks; a UK where everyone has enough money not just to survive, but to live a healthy, happy, and safe life, where children and young people have everything they need to thrive.

How will we tell stories, educate and inspire others to join our stand against poverty?

We will:

  • Shape and share real stories, online and in-person, about poverty; what it really is, why it really exists, who it really affects, and how we can build a world without it
  • Create educational resources and social action toolkits for young people to call for and make change in their own communities
  • Connect and build relationships with each other, across all four nations of the UK, learning from and supporting one another to make big changes that can last
  • Build networks with other young activists and those creating positive change outside of the Trussell Trust
  • Build networks with professionals in lots of influential and exciting sectors, including the charity sector, creative arts, media and more

What is our offer to you?

  • A tablet and free data, calls, and texts to help you stay connected
  • Travel, accommodation, and other practical support to help you join us in our face to face work
  • Activities and travel to various cities around the UK, to carry out your work, and meet and connect with other young people and partners
  • Opportunities to develop your skills and learn new ones in fun and creative ways
  • Consistent support and guidance from our Participation Team and others within the Trussell Trust

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