A parent and two children walk down a street with their backs to the camera. They are wearing winter coats and one child is looking back over their shoulder. Text saying 'Urgent winter appeal' and 'This winter, many families will make their first visit to the food bank' appears alongside the image.

We need your support

This winter, food banks in our network are stretched to breaking point.

Your support could help food banks provide emergency food and vital advice to everyone who needs it, including to the thousands of people who will need to use a food bank for the first time.

There has never been a more urgent time to call for change.

Help us be there for everyone, for as long as we are needed, and keep working towards a better future.

Please donate today to our urgent appeal.

We’re bracing ourselves for our busiest winter ever. Your gift could help provide emergency food, vital advice and support to someone visiting a food bank for the very first time.

Kate, Network Lead at the Trussell Trust

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could help a person in financial hardship access emergency food, hot water bottles and essential toiletries


could help provide advice and information so worried families can unlock additional income


could help us campaign to create a future where no one needs a food bank and everyone can afford the essentials

Your support makes a difference

Last winter, mum-of-four Nikki* was one of 225,000 people in the UK who turned to a food bank for the first time.

Nikki received emergency food and support that meant she could provide for her family. It was a huge weight off her shoulders.

As food banks are stretched to breaking point this winter, your support could also help us push for long-term change.

Together, we can create a more just society where everyone can afford the essentials and no one needs to use a food bank.

A woman sitting with her two children on either side
*We work alongside people to share their stories and drive change. To protect Nikki's identity and allow her to confidently tell her story, in this instance we've used models