Why foodbanks join our network

There are more than 420 foodbanks, operating out of more than 1,200 centres, in our network across the UK. This accounts for roughly 2/3 of foodbanks.

Foodbanks choose to be part of our network for a variety of reasons – from feeding in to a larger organisation creating change on a national level to receiving training, quality assurance and resources. No foodbank has to join The Trussell Trust and many of the foodbanks in our network often have good working relationships with independent food banks in their local area, and at a national level we work closely with the Independent Food Aid Network.

We’re a charity and do not make a profit out of foodbanks in our network. We ask foodbanks for a one-off £1,500 contribution towards the cost of helping set up a foodbank because the resources needed to get a foodbank running cost us quite a lot centrally. After this, foodbanks give £360 a year to be part of our network.

Neither of these payments cover cost of the support we give, which includes:

  • A bespoke data collection system for tracking the number of times emergency food has been provided and donations of stock – this feeds into a national system we use to campaign for change
  • One to one support from a dedicated Area Manager
  • Training
  • Grants
  • Regional conferences and best practice sharing
  • Annual audits and a quality assurance process
  • Nationally negotiated partnerships and discounts
  • A national platform to campaign for change and lead the debate on how we end the need for foodbanks

This type of financial contribution towards the cost of membership and benefits is common within the charity sector. Foodbanks tell us they’re very happy with the value for money they receive and we work closely with our network to ensure our support remains focused on where they need most help.