Recycling Centre

Reducing waste and preventing landfill, whilst helping those in need through our social enterprise projects.


“When I go home I feel enriched.” – Probation volunteer

Our recycling centre is central to the success of our shops and supported volunteer programme. It enables us to create low-cost essential items that we can sell to support our work, whilst also providing jobs and opportunities for many people.

For example, we upcycle donated textiles into bunting, make teacup candle gifts from discarded bone china teacups and old candles, use donated plates to make case stands, and turn old cutlery into coat racks.

We care for our environment too; last year we sold or recycled over 80% of the donations given to us. We reduced 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions as a result of our recycling effort and we are continually looking to find new ways to recycle old household items and reduce landfill.

Furniture recycling

We operate furniture shops, selling second-hand furniture carefully restored by a team of skilled staff and volunteers. This helps to raise vital funds, whilst providing an environmentally friendly alternative to throwing out unwanted, quality furniture and household items.


Wilton Carpet Factory funds the Trussell Trust to strip the wool from their carpet bobbins, allowing the wool to be recycled and the bobbins reused. The ‘bobbin machine’ is manned by volunteers, many of whom have mental health difficulties. This enables people who would otherwise have nowhere to go to be part of a team and help the Trussell Trust.

Your shop donations

We love donations of quality goods! These are sold through our charity shops, market stall or Ebay outlets to generate funds for our work.

Other projects:

  • White goods electrical refurbishment: In collaboration with Repair Academy, this project backed by the local council and recycling centre provides cookers, fridges and washing machines at low cost.
  • Bicycle repair and maintenance: This partnership with Rise:61 helps to provide affordable transport for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to jobs and interviews.
  • Beading classes: Jewellery workshops turn old, broken, jewellery into new, beautiful pieces, which is sold in our shops to raise funds.
  • Community garden: Selling plants and cutting from our garden in decorated pots.

For more information contact:

T: 01722 580 185