Unable to afford phone or internet costs? Share your experience

Phone and internet costs are an everyday essential that we all need to be able to afford. If you've struggled to cover these costs, we want to hear from you - your voice matters.

We know that if you’re finding it hard to afford essentials like food and energy bills, you’re also likely to be struggling to cover phone and internet costs. But not everyone realises how essential these costs are. We want to change that.

If you’ve struggled to cover phone and internet costs during the past few years, or have been faced with difficult decisions to make sure you could stay connected, we’d like to hear from you. We want to hear what the impact of that was, so we can show people why it’s important that we make sure people have enough money to meet all of their essential living costs.

We’ll work with you to share your answers on our social media, in emails with our supporters, with the media, and as part of our work with Vodafone. If you’d prefer we shared your answer anonymously, you can let us know by ticking that option in the form below.

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