Judith’s Story


“The Eat Well Spend Less course has been a life saver.”

Struggling to make ends meet, single mother of two, Judith, signed up to our Eat Well Spend Less course at her local food bank. The course takes place over six sessions and is designed to enable healthy cooking on a budget. It helps builds confidence in the kitchen and shares financial management techniques through a range of practical activities.

Since attending the course, Judith has managed to reduce her food bill and has gained more confidence in her ability: “It changed how I spent my money. Now I am spending a third less on food. I am making big savings and I am using the money I am saving to pay off some of my other debts.”

She’s also been able to share these skills with her family: “My young son comes and helps me in the kitchen now – he is my little sous chef when I am preparing meals. I’m also now not buying cereal bars for my children as I learnt how to make my own here.”

The course had a big impact on Judith and her family. She enjoyed it so much that she is now involved with helping to run the course: “I started volunteering because it was the natural thing to do. I wanted to support other people and give a little bit back.”

Without the course, Judith could still be struggling to buy essentials such as food for her family and, possibly, getting into even more debt. She may have even had to use the food bank by now.