Charlotte’s Story


“Foodbanks make an impact in every way possible.”

Having grown up in state care, Charlotte was determined to make something of her life and was funding herself through college by working two evening jobs.

When she was made redundant from both jobs within a month, she was thrown into a crisis, leaving her unable to afford food or the gas to heat her flat.

As a 21-year-old in full-time education with no children, she did not qualify for benefits. She sold everything she had and with nowhere else to turn, she asked her local councillor for help; who referred her to the foodbank.

When she arrived she was dehydrated and in the first stages of malnutrition. Charlotte explains: “I felt embarrassed; you don’t even want to pull the food voucher out. I was worried about walking home with bags saying foodbank because I was scared everyone would know, but they gave me normal bags.”

For Charlotte, the foodbank was a life-saver. “I have no idea what I would have done without it. Foodbank makes an impact in every way possible, one food parcel can mean everything,” she says.

Since then Charlotte’s been able to go to university and get her life back on track. She was also so grateful and impressed by the support she received from The Trussell Trust that she began volunteering with her local foodbank.