Gill's Story

“I like doing it for my family and knowing I’m not powerless, but I’m making a difference.”


Just six-weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Gill’s first husband passed away.

She began to struggle financially, admitting that there were times when she ate only cereal, in order to make sure that her children were always fed and the bills were paid on time.

Since overcoming this incredibly difficult period in her life, Gill felt inspired to help others and has been managing a Foodbank since 2013.

Gill’s daily activities range from sorting stock and making up food parcels, to picking up donations from collection points in town, alongside her team of dedicated volunteers: “We’re all from different backgrounds but get together to do good; it’s just the way we were raised.”

But it’s the client focused work that Gill admits to prefer the most.

She enjoys welcoming them by offering a friendly ear and a chat to help lift their spirits: “It’s what we’re here for. I’ve been through it and when you tell them that you see their shoulders relax.”

Gill’s particularly delighted with the addition of placing welfare trainers and financial advisors in foodbanks, offering extra support to clients: “I like the challenge of helping someone through all the stages of their crisis and it’s great when you get an end result.”

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