“The foodbank is like a safety net; it can catch people who fall through the cracks.”

Lucy, Foodbank Manager

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Foodbank Managers in our network have a role that is wide-ranging and diverse

They are there to oversee the workings of the warehouse and food distribution centres, making sure emergency food, information and signposting is accessible to some of the most vulnerable people in their community.

They support a network of over 40,000 dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to provide a supportive and compassionate environment to anyone who comes to a foodbank.

They work closely with agencies and organisations who refer clients, or provide support to them after they’ve been to the foodbank, to ensure staff and volunteers know what services they offer, and how best people can access them.

They look after the weighing and sorting of food which is either collected from public collection points in supermarkets or delivered straight to the warehouse by the public and local companies and community groups. The monitoring of stock levels helps ensure foodbanks have all they need to make up food parcels, and that food is in good condition and in date.

Being part of the network means that foodbanks can

Provide a professional standard and offer excellent care to clients through the training and support offered.

Help reduce reliance on emergency food and proactively address need by utilising the data collection system.

Be part of a national voice for those struggling in crisis by contributing to research projects and reports.

Help share the experiences of people help by foodbanks and contribute to practical solutions to poverty.

Benefit from national corporate partnerships which provide funds, food, discounts and services.

Receive PR advice and template press releases, as well as the opportunity to share their story with national press.

supporting the network

Food donations are vital but the fact is, we cannot do the work we do without the kind donations of our supporters. Any support you can give us today will enable us to help vulnerable people in your area.