Press Releases

01/12/2020: Almost half of people at food banks have money taken by government from benefit payments during economic crisis 

12/11/2020: 2,600 food parcels provided for children every day during the first six months of the pandemic 

14/09/2020: New report reveals how coronavirus has affected food bank use

03/06/2020: Food  banks report busiest month ever, as coalition urgently calls for funding to get money into people’s pockets quickly during pandemic

01/05/2020: Food banks report record spike in need as coalition of anti-poverty charities call for strong lifeline to be thrown to anyone who needs it

11/03/2020: Budget 2020: our response

11/03/2020: Coronavirus and food banks 

26/02/2020: Public generosity to food banks must be matched by urgent policy changes

04/12/2019: We respond to Boris Johnson’s comments about decreasing the need for food banks

27/11/2019: More people than ever expected to need a food bank ahead of Christmas

13/11/2019: Steepest increase in people needing food banks for the past five years, as need soars by 23%

06/11/2019: The Trussell Trust responds to the Advertising Standards Authority ruling on DWP ‘myth-busting’ Universal Credit ads

05/11/2019: ‘Locked in extreme poverty’: landmark research shows households at food banks have only £50 a week to live on

15/10/2019: Largest ever poll into poverty shows 9 in 10 Brits think hunger is a problem in the UK

24/09/2019: The Trussell Trust responds to the Labour party’s announcement that it will halve food bank use within a year

19/09/2019: The longer Universal Credit exists in an area, the higher the need for food banks

04/09/2019: The Trussell Trust responds to the Spending Review 

16/07/2019: UK food banks fear busiest summer ever is ahead 

16/07/2019: Welsh food banks fear busiest summer ever is ahead

27/06/2019: Scottish food banks fear busiest summer ever is ahead  

27/06/2019: Northern Irish food banks fear busiest summer ever is ahead

25/04/2019: Record 1.6m food bank parcels given to people in past year, as the Trussell Trust calls for end to Universal Credit five week wait

13/03/2019: The Trussell Trust responds to the Spring Statement 

27/11/2018: More people than ever expected through foodbank doors this Christmas, as charity releases new figures 

06/11/2018: Action still needed on Universal Credit wait, as new figures show a 13% increase in food bank use in just six months compared to this time last year 

29/10/2018: The Trussell Trust responds to The Budget 

26/10/2018: The Trussell Trust responds to Universal Credit report from the Public Accounts Committee

05/10/2018: Charity warns next stage of Universal Credit could further increase food bank use

01/10/2018: The Trussell Trust responds to Government announcement on Universal Support

03/08/2018: Call for donations as charity reveals rise in food for children is behind increased food bank need during holidays 

11/07/2018: Fix Universal Credit to prevent more people going hungry, say UK food aid providers

10/07/2018: Mind and The Trussell Trust evidence problems with Universal Credit

15/06/2018: Chief Executive Emma Revie responds to NAO report about Universal Credit

24/04/2018: “Benefit levels must keep pace with rising cost of essentials” as record increase in food bank figures is revealed 

23/03/2018: Call for child benefits freeze to be lifted as new report shows families with children are most likely to need food banks

30/02/2018: Calls grow for government measure of ‘hidden hunger’ as new figures show 1 in 4 parents skipping meals because of lack of money

06/12/2017: Scottish food bank research reveals welfare safety net ‘failing to maintain basic living standards’ 

29/11/2017: Food banks expecting busiest Christmas ever against backdrop of growing need

22/11/2017: The Trussell Trust responds to The Budget

07/11/2017: Call for urgent cut to six-week Universal Credit wait as food bank demand soars across the UK

18/10/2017: The Trussell Trust responds to David Gauke’s announcement that Universal Credit helpline will be free by the end of the month

17/10/2017: Volunteers across the UK giving ‘at least £30 million’ a year in unpaid work to support food banks

25/07/2017: Half of children helped by food banks over summer holiday months are primary school students 

04/07/2017: A Local Jigsaw? New research highlights the need for increased monitoring & security for Local Welfare Assistance Schemes

29/06/2017: 4 in 5 food bank users go hungry multiple times a year – with price rises and insecure incomes to blame, says new Oxford research 

25/04/2017: UK food bank use continues to rise as new report highlights the growing impact of Universal Credit roll-out on food banks

17/01/2017: Waitrose supports UK charity to fund household budgeting & cookery courses 

20/12/2016: Almost half of people referred to food banks at risk of going cold as well as hungry

02/12/2016: Food banks brace for their busiest month as Christmas approaches

08/11/2016: Food banks call for direct DWP hotline, as new figures show half a million emergency food parcels distributed by Trussell Trust food banks in six months

27/10/2016: Strong link between increased benefit sanctions and higher food bank use, says University of Oxford research

22/09/2016: The Trussell Trust and Community Shop announce new collaboration

04/08/2016: Tea for Trussell – Scones take the biscuit: classic afternoon tea treat remains the UK favourite

25/07/2016: 1 in 5 parents will skip a meal to feed their children this summer

26/04/2016: Fuel Banks to be rolled out following successful first year

15/04/2016: Food bank use remains at record high, as new data mapping tool gives fresh insights into UK hunger

15/04/2016: Mapping Hunger Report: New technology to help tackle UK poverty

10/12/2015: The Trussell Trust’s response to Feeding Britain’s route map to ending hunger

8/12/2015: £750,000 for food banks as use could reach record levels over Christmas

25/11/2015: Trussell Trust welcomes decision not to implement cuts to tax credits

18/11/2015: Food bank use still at record levels as hunger remains major concern for low income families

30/10/2015: Food banks roll out financial triage service funded by Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert

28/10/2015: Trussell Trust responds to Department for Work and Pension’s comments about placing advisors in food banks

25/06/2015: Trussell Trust responds to the latest government data on households in poverty

18/06/2015: Trussell Trust responds to the Communities, Equality, Local Government Committee Inquiry into Poverty in Wales

05/06/2015: Trussell Trust reacts to High Court ruling on Personal Independence Payments disability benefit delay

24/04/2015: npower set to launch the nation’s first Fuel Bank trial

22/04/2015: Trussell Trust Food bank Use Tops One Million

06/04/2015: Trussell Trust response to The Sun

08/12/2014: Feeding Britain Report could turn the tide on UK hunger says Trussell Trust

23/11/2014: Low income and welfare problems see food bank numbers rise by 38% despite economic recovery

19/11/2014: ‘Emergency Use Only’ Food bank Report

22/08/2014: School holidays leave kids hungry for three meals a day

12/08/2014: Food banks launch radical new ‘financial triage’ pilot funded by Martin Lewis

12/06/2014: Trussell Trust Chairman gives hard-hitting evidence to Panel on Independence of Voluntary Sector

25/04/2014: Trussell Trust overwhelmed by kindness of public as donations soar following MoS piece

20/04/2014: Trussell Trust response given to Mail on Sunday ahead of their article

16/04/2014: Latest food bank figures hit 900,000, and this is the tip of the iceberg

16/12/2013: Briefing for MPs ahead of debate on 18th December

05/12/2013:500,000 turn to food banks since April 2013

16/10/2013: Tripling in food bank usage sparks Trussell Trust to call for an inquiry

04/09/2013: “DWP has broken agreement between Jobcentres and food banks” says Trussell Trust following PMQs

11/07/2013: Tesco food appeal collects 3.5 million meals for people in need

11/07/2013: Increasing numbers turning to food banks since April’s welfare reforms

01/07/2013: 1 in 5 parents struggling to feed their children

01/07/2013: Trussell Trust named Britain’s Most Admired Charity

24/04/2013: Biggest ever increase in numbers helped by food banks

06/04/2013: Trolleys to help stop UK food poverty

18/03/2013: UK Food banks launch £1M emergency appeal ahead of welfare reforms

05/03/2013: Kellogg’s report highlights levels of UK food poverty

06/02/2013: Trussell Trust disturbed by Downing Street’s comments on hunger

16/10/2012: 100,000 Britons fed by food banks in six months

24/08/2012: Statement on Trussell Trust’s position regarding changes to Social Fund

09/08/2012: “Don’t ignore hunger on our doorstep” food banks warn ahead of Hunger Summit

26/04/2012: Food banks double numbers fed in one year

04/04/2012: Bankers run to help food banks feed UK hungry

28/03/2012: New UK food bank launched every four days!

03/05/2011: 50 per cent increase in numbers fed by food banks (updated 27/09/2011)

20/12/2010: Jobcentre Plus to give food bank vouchers to neediest cases

06/12/2010: Child Poverty: UK children face hunger at home

11/10/2010: Incapacity benefit reassessments likely to force families to food banks

11/09/2010: Roma homes destroyed in Bulgaria