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The Trussell Trust in the news:

2016 National Press Coverage

5/1/2016: The Mirror, ‘Food banks fear surge in demand when Tories’ attack on welfare kicks in’

2/1/2016: The Independent on Sunday, ‘Britons driven to foodbanks by poverty seen as collateral damage’

2015 National Press Coverage

17/12/2015: The Spectator, ‘Ministers need to admit that benefits problems are linked to foodbank use’

11/12/2015: ITV This Morning, ‘The tough foodbank Christmas’

11/12/2015: The Daily Mail, ‘Record number of meals are donated to struggling families this Christmas in foodbank appeal’

10/12/2015: The Huffington Post, ‘Hunger in the UK – Do You Believe It’s True?’

10/12/2015: The Telegraph, ‘Archbishop Justin Welby: Welfare reforms leave poor at risk of hunger’

10/12/2015: The Guardian, ‘British left vulnerable to hunger after welfare reforms, warns Justin Welby’

10/12/2015: The Mirror, ‘David Cameron’s poverty-stricken Britain has made foodbanks a way of life for hungry children’

10/12/2015: The Spectator, ‘Have food banks become a ‘boil of no significance’?’

8/12/2015: The Huffington Post, ‘Why would a mum doing a business degree find herself begging on the streets this winter?’

8/12/2015: The Metro, ‘Foodbank demand to hit record levels’

8/12/2015: The Mirror, ‘Britain’s biggest food bank charity given £750,000 Christmas boost to help more families’

5/12/2015: The Independent, ‘Foodbanks in the UK: Volunteers face a growing battle as benefits crisis bites’

27/11/2015: The Independent, ‘Lord Prior of Brampton: Conservative peer criticised for claiming ‘paradox’ in rise of foodbanks during obesity crisis’

27/11/2015: Christian Today, ‘Tory peer under fire from Welby over food bank remarks’

18/11/2015: The Independent, ‘Tax credit cuts may lead to ‘substantial rise in foodbank use’

18/11/2015: The Guardian, ‘Foodbanks say tax credit changes will trigger sharp rise in demand’

18/11/2015: The Telegraph, ‘Foodbank customers to be given £49 fuel vouchers as demand soars’

18/11/2015: The Mirror, ‘Tax credit cuts: Foodbanks fear ‘substantial rise’ in working families on the brink’

18/11/2015: The National, ‘Use of foodbanks soars and exceeds the rest of the UK’

18/11/2015: The Huffington Post, ‘When you run a foodbank, our food poverty crisis becomes all more real’

11/11/2015: The Mirror, ‘Sir John Major slams ‘shocking’ levels of poverty and inequality in Britain’

11/11/2015: The Guardian, ‘’Shocking’ inequality levels in Britain must be addressed, says John Mayor’

11/11/2015: Politics Home, ‘John Major attacks ‘shocking’ inequality’

10/11/2015: The Telegraph, ‘Sir John Major: The Government alone cannot end inequality’

6/11/2015: International Business Times, ‘Foodbanks: Trussell Trust trials ‘financial triage’ scheme as Christmas looms’

4/11/2015: Third Force News, ‘Trussell Trust will not have Jobcentre staff in foodbanks’

31/10/2015: The Independent, ‘Foodbanks to start offering financial and debt advice after Martin Lewis donation’

30/10/2015: BBC News, ‘Foodbanks to offer money and debt advice’

30/10/2015: Bloomberg, ‘Trussell Trust’s ‘More than Food’ programme rolls across the UK to provide free financial advice’

28/10/2015: BBC News, ‘Job advisers placed in foodbanks, Iain Duncan Smith reveals’

28/10/2015: The Mirror, ‘IDS says job advisers will be posted in foodbanks’

28/10/2015: The Huffington Post, ‘Iain Duncan Smith to station job advisers in foodbanks’

28/10/2015: The Telegraph, ‘Job Centre advisers will be based at foodbanks, Iain Duncan Smith reveals’

28/10/2015: The Independent, ‘Iain Duncan Smith reveals job advisers could be placed in foodbanks’.

28/10/2015: The Independent, ‘Malnutrition and ‘Victorian’ diseases soaring in England ‘due to food poverty and cuts’

28/10/2015: Manchester Evening News, ‘Foodbank bosses reporting surge in demand during half term’

26/10/2015: The Mirror, ‘Foodbanks braced for surging demand as children go hungry during half-term without school meals’

21/10/2015: Politics Home, ‘Listening to the lives behind the foodbank statistics’

21/10/2015: The Guardian, ‘Foodbanks have become a lifeline for many, but where is the way out?’

19/10/2015: The Guardian, ‘Welfare system failing thousands of its most vulnerable claimants, MPs told’

16/10/2015: The Independent, ‘Children ‘starving during the school holidays’, warns MP’

14/10/2015: The Evening Standard, ‘Britons are still cutting back on spending as its revealed one in 10 couldn’t find £200 cash in an emergency’

8/10/2015: The New Statesman, ‘No, having a smartphone doesn’t mean you’re not poor’

5/10/2015: The New Statesman, ‘How should church and state balance looking after the poor?’

26/09/2015: The Daily Record, ‘Food bank charity boss: I know what it’s like to need a foodbank because I used one myself’

22/09/2015: STV, ‘MSPs to consider petition calling for publicly-funded food banks’

16/09/2015: The Mirror, ‘The benefits ‘sanctions’ unjustly taken that leave children hungry and families on the brink of homelessness’

11/09/2015: The Huffington Post, ‘Dear Richard Littlejohn: Please don’t pretend that hunger and poverty are not real, right here, right now’

10/09/2015: The Independent, ‘Scotland’s child poverty levels so severe teachers are sent advice on spotting malnourished students’

2/09/2015: The Guardian, ‘Nursing Chief: ‘Nurse shortages are life-threatening’

1/09/2015: UTV, ‘Parents in NI struggle with cost of summer holidays’

28/08/2015: The Huffington Post, ‘What’s wrong with benefit sanctions?’

22/08/2015: The Mirror, ‘One in five doctors sending patients to foodbanks thanks to rising poverty under Tories’

18/08/2015: The Mirror, ‘The kids forced to live on margarine butties in foodbank Britain during school holidays’

17/08/2015: BBC Northern Ireland, ‘Stormont research shows low income is top reason for foodbank use’

29/07/2015: The Northern Echo, ‘Tackling the hidden problem of holiday hunger’

19/07/2015: The Mirror, ‘Foodbanks stockpiling for summer amid fears free school meals children will go hungry’

17/07/2015: The Independent, ‘Nearly a third of parents on low incomes miss a meal to feed their children, says report’

12/07/2015: The Independent, ‘More than 200,000 unemployed people enduring ‘appalling’ bureaucracy while benefit claims were assessed, claims Frank Field’

10/07/2015: Tesco ’Customers donate more than 3.6 million meals in latest food collection’

08/07/2015: Huffington Post ’The Test of a One Nation Budget’

02/07/2015: Southport Visiter ’A tent in Southport was where we ended up after losing our baby girl and being evicted’

26/06/2015: Church Times ’Tales from the church bread line’

22/06/2015: Independent ’DWP minister denies that stopping someone’s benefits could force them to use foodbanks’

16/06/2015: Closer magazine, ‘I feel desperate and ashamed – but I was getting by on one meal a day’

13/06/2015: Independent ’Food charities braced for a busy summer with more children than ever set to go hungry’

07/06/2015: Mirror ’Mum who had only frozen peas to feed her family opens food banks to help others in need’

19/05/2015: Mirror ’Poverty forced people to turn to foodbanks and now it’s forcing them into fuel banks’

04/05/2015: Guardian ’Those foodbank data: complicated, yes; exaggerated, no’

01/05/2015: Guardian ’Foodbanks: most people at the school gates have used them’

28/04/2015: Huffington Post ’Over one million Britons fed by foodbanks – Why?’

26/04/2015: Herald Scotland ’The middle class mum forced to stop breast-feeding because she was starving’

26/04/2015: South Wales Evening Post ’More people in Wales using foodbanks’

26/04/2015: Herald Scotland ’Stop hating foodbanks, hate food poverty’

25/04/2015: Trussell Trust response to Daily Mail article about foodbank contribution to help offset costs

24/04/2015: Energy Live News ’Fuel bank offers energy vouchers to neediest homes’

24/04/2015: Guardian ’Fuel banks pilot scheme aims to address austerity-era dilemma of ‘heat or eat”

24/04/2015: Huffington Post‘ Eleven foodbank myths you must not fall for’

24/04/2015: Mirror ’The Trussell Trust were tremendous … I survived on the generosity of the others and the Trussell Trust’

23/04/2015: Guardian ’How to fix the UK’s poverty problem? Listen to people at a foodbank’

22/04/2015: Evening Standard ’London children made 40,000 visits to foodbanks’

22/04/2015: Financial Times ’UK foodbanks used record 1m times in year’

22/04/2015: Independent ’My money keeps getting stopped and I don’t know why; the people behind the increasing numbers of foodbank users’

22/04/2015: Guardian ‘Crisis? What crisis? How politicians ignore the existence of food banks’

22/04/2015: Channel 4 News ’Foodbanks: over one million seek emergency help’

22/04/2015: Guardian ’Foodbank use tops million mark over the past year’

22/04/2015: BBC News ’Record numbers use foodbanks – the Trussell Trust’

20/04/2015: Daily Record ’I have always worked but I feel ashamed that I now have to turn to a foodbank to feed my family’

20/04/2015: Mirror ’10 heart-breaking reasons people had benefit sanctioned and were forced to rely on foodbanks’

19/04/2015: Herald Scotland ’Food poverty is a political issue – but we mustn’t allow foodbanks to become a political football’

08/04/2015: Huffington Post ’We need to talk about stock cubes and hot water; we need to face the reality of what’s happening in the UK’

08/04/2015: The British Medical Journal ’Austerity, sanctions and the rise of foodbanks in the UK’

08/04/2015: Financial Times ’Growth in UK foodbanks linked to welfare cuts, study finds’

30/04/2015: Christian Today ’This Easter let’s help turn suffering into hope and new life’

30/03/2015: New Statesman ’Why are so many people using foodbanks?’

24/03/2015: Guardian ’Benefit sanctions: the 10 trivial breaches and administrative errors’

24/03/2015: Huffington Post ’Our welfare system must not pander to the myth of the undeserving poor and ignore the real need of those in crisis’

17/03/2015: The Big Issue ’Period Drama: it’s time to take action for the women who need change’

09/03/2015: Independent ’Missing out on free school meals for just one week at half term is enough to tip some families into food poverty’

02/03/2015: Guardian ’Foodbank: benefit sanctions leave clients hungry for months’

11/02/2015: Guardian ‘Community Shop is no good if you don’t have any money’

27/01/2015: Mirror ‘Senior political figures ‘bully’ charities that speak out on harm caused by government austerity policies’

08/01/2015: Guardian ‘Government urged to suspend benefit sanctions regime’

2014 National Press Coverage

28/12/2014: Independent ‘Millions of Britains struggling to feed themselves and facing malnourishment’

19/12/2014: International Business Times ‘Food banks: The growing struggle to feed Britain and tackle food poverty’

10/12/2014: Guardian ‘Trussell Trust CEO: ‘Going to a food bank is a last resort when all else has failed’

08/12/2014: Channel 4 News ‘Why do people use food banks?’

08/12/2014: BBC News ”Pay benefits faster’ to reduce hunger, MPs urge’

07/12/2014: Channel 4 News ‘Mapped: food banks on the rise as ‘hunger stalks the UK’

07/12/2014: Guardian ‘How people have come to depend on food banks to survive’

23/11/2014: Independent ‘A major foodbank charity sees no sign of recovery trickling down to the lowest-paid’

23/11/2014: ITV News ‘Increasing numbers of ‘low paid’ turn to food banks to survive’

19/11/2014: Guardian ‘In their own words: food bank users’ ‘real world’ advice to politicians

19/11/2014: Independent ‘Welfare delays cause soaring numbers using food banks’

06/10/2014: Guardian ‘A vibrant econmy needs an active third sector – chartities tell Osborne’

28/09/2014: Herald Scotland ‘A day in the life of a food can’

11/09/2014: Belfast Telegraph ‘Thousands forced to rely on foodbanks over low income and benefit delays’

16/08/2014: The Independent ‘Simon Read: From food banks to financial help’

13/08/2014: MSN ‘Food banks to offer finance advice’

13/08/2014: The Telegraph ‘Financial advice to be dished out at food banks’

12/08/2014: The Scotsman ‘Foodbanks to offer finance advice’

12/08/2014: The Independent ‘Food banks to offer financial help as well’

12/08/2014: Guardian ‘Financial triage to be offered at food banks’.

12/08/2014: Guardian ‘Trussell Trust to give financial advice to people referred to its food banks’

11/08/2014: BBC News Scotland ‘Food poverty in Scotland ‘not acceptable’ says Sturgeon’

29/07/2014: Mirror ‘Sister launches petition for inquiry after ex-soldier died starving and destitute when benefits stopped’

17/07/2014: Mail Online ‘More than a third of workers on minimum wage can’t afford to shop where they work as gap between wages and inflation rises’

18/07/2014: BBC News Scotland: ‘Borders food bank help call as service demand rises’

17/07/2014: Tesco reports that its customers have donated 5.1 million meals to feed people in need, with partners including the Trussell Trust

16/07/2014: Guardian reporting on York’s bid to become a poverty-free city includes an interview with the manager of York Food Bank

13/07/2104: Mirror reports their TUC campaign of the year award won jointly with the Trussell Trust and Unite the Union

04/07/2014: Guardian ‘Food bank Britain: can MPs agree on the causes of poverty in the UK?’

04/07/2014: Manchester Evening News: ‘Every little helps: Paralympic champ Sarah backs supermarket’s campaign to stop families going hungry’

02/07/2014: Tesco aims to collect five million meals in one weekend to help families in need

24/06/2014: Evening Standard ‘Thousands of children’s books are added to food bank parcels’

13/06/2014: Independent ‘Food bank charity “was threatened with closure by Iain Duncan Smith’s aide”‘

09/06/2014: Guardian ‘Austerity heightens role of church charities in the voluntary sector’

09/06/2014: Evening Standard ‘Number of Londoners using food banks doubles in a year, figures show’

09/06/2014: BBC News Wales ‘Foodbank use “disproportionately high” in Wales’

09/06/2014: Daily Mail ‘Hull teen who lives on £1.20 a day determined to become an artist’

09/06/2014: Guardian ‘Food bank demand up 54% in 2013’ reporting on Below The Breadline, a joint report by the Trussell Trust, Church Action on Poverty and Oxfam GB

03/06/2014: BBC News ‘Stoke-on-Trent food bank in £200k lottery award’ from Big Lottery Fund

02/06/2014: The Scotsman ‘MSPs urge UK to look at need for food banks’

23/05/2014: Mirror ‘Top Tory lord Norman Tebbit admits hard-up food bank families are wrongly being denied benefits’

22/05/2014: Telegraph ‘My visit to a food bank: too many young adults lack the basic skills to care for themselves’ — Norman Tebbit

18/05/2014: Guardian ‘Soaring energy and housing costs force poorest homes to turn to food banks’

14/05/2014: Independent ‘Anger as Employment Minister Esther McVey denies food bank use is linked to welfare reforms’

06/05/2014: Express ‘Wealthy seaside resort opens food bank for struggling middle class families’

30/04/2014: ITV News ‘Foodbank opens for those in “full time employment”‘

30/04/2014: The Scotsman ‘Food-bank families “make most of economic choices”‘

29/04/2014: The Scotsman ‘More Scots relying on food parcels, warns charity’

28/04/2014: Guardian ‘Food poverty: Mail “backlash” donations surge past £100k’

22/04/2014: Guardian ‘Let’s take politics out of the food banks debate’ — Salisbury MP John Glen

21/04/2014: UKFundraising ‘Mail on Sunday article inspires over £50k in donations to food bank charity’

20/04/2014: Guardian ‘Food banks see donations surge after being criticised by Mail on Sunday’

19/04/2014: Mail on Sunday ‘No ID, no checks… and vouchers for sob stories: The truth behind those shock food bank claims’ — Trussell Trust response and public response

18/04/2014: Guardian ‘How evangelical Christians are using social action to revivify church brand’

16/04/2014: Liverpool Echo ‘Shocking figures reveal Merseyside to be foodbank capital of the country’

16/04/2014: BBC News ‘Foodbank demand prompts hunger warning by archbishop’ – Archbishop Barry Morgan

16/04/2014: Telegraph ‘Food bank manager: We only help the ‘desperate” [Video]

16/04/2014: ITV News report from Mold Food Bank, North Wales

16/04/2014: Telegraph ‘Food banks surge: Who are the new clientele in need of help?’

16/04/2014: The Times ‘Food banks give help to a million’

16/04/2014: Independent ‘Food bank visitors in Coventry: “Compassion has disappeared out of the welfare state”‘

16/04/2014: Mirror ‘Britain’s hunger crisis’

16/04/2014: Guardian ‘Hunger is a “national crisis”, religious leaders tell Cameron’

15/04/2014: Financial Times ‘Nearly 1m turn to food banks as demand triples in past year’

08/04/2014: Guardian ‘Need for food banks is caused by welfare cuts, research shows’

06/04/2014: Independent ‘Rising cost of living “forcing students to use food banks”‘

04/04/2014: BBC News ‘Liverpool food bank sees usage rise fivefold in three years’

02/04/2014: Guardian ‘Muslim groups are putting their faith in food banks to help tackle poverty’

01/04/2014: Guardian ‘Take politics out of food bank debate, says Tory MP as inquiry is launched’

13/03/2014: Daily Mail ‘How food banks work and the future of the Trussell Trust’ [Video]

12/03/2014: Metro ‘The Internet reacts to Famous Rich and Hungry as Foodbank website crashes’

11/03/2014: Guardian ‘DWP advising jobcentres on sending claimants to food banks’

09/03/2014: BBC News ‘Devon and Cornwall food bank users “more than double”‘

05/03/2014: Evening Standard ‘Fasting plan amid hunger “crisis”‘

04/03/2014: The Scotsman ‘Increase in food banks “terrifying” says charity’

04/03/2014: Mirror ‘Eddie Izzard spearheads poverty campaign as food bank hands out 600,000 parcels in nine months’

03/03/2014: The Times ‘Heat or eat: energy bills keep food banks busy’

26/02/2014: The Independent ‘Reverend Dr Keith Hebden to fast for 40 days and nights in solidarity with hungry Britons using foodbanks’

25/02/2014: Mirror ‘Vicar giving up food for Lent in solidarity with all those going hungry in 21st century Britain’

24/02/2014: Mirror ‘My petition plea to Chancellor George Osborne: We need a Budget to end the scandal of UK hunger’ – Jack Monroe

23/02/2014: Mirror ‘food banks set to feed a million people this year’

21/02/2014: 24dash ‘Food bank use soars 400% in two years’

21/02/2014: Mirror ‘Dr Rowan Williams: Food bank users are not scroungers and this isn’t a hiccup – it’s a serious crisis’

20/02/2014: ITV ‘Defra report: Consistent increase in food bank demand’

20/02/2014: Channel 4 ‘The truth about food banks: dependency or welfare crisis’

20/02/2014: Guardian‘families turn to food banks as last resort ‘not because they are free’

20/02/2014: BBC News ‘Church of England Bishops demand action over hunger’

20/02/2014: Channel 4 ‘Heat or eat? Church of England bishops’ hunger plea’

20/02/2014: The Independent ‘Britain faces food poverty ‘national crisis’ because of government welfare reforms, bishops warn.

18/02/2014: The Independent ‘Public health emergency declared as one in six GPs was asked to refer a patient to foodbanks in the last year’

10/02/2014: The Independent ‘Working poor trapped in unbreakable cycle of poverty turn to food banks in their lunch breaks’

06/02/2014: The Scotsman ‘Food bank use up by 50% in West Dunbartonshire’

04/02/2014: The Independent ‘Claimants lose all their income under disability benefits reform’

28/01/2014: Guardian ‘Food banks: an inconvenient truth for the government’

20/01/2014: Guardian ‘Food bank issues parcels for those too poor to heat dinner’

19/01/2014: Scottish Express ‘Edwina Currie’s cruel jibe at the poor’

16/01/2014: Guardian ‘Scottish government report links welfare reform to food bank growth’

15/01/2014: Third Sector ‘Matthew Sherrington: The attacks on charities aren’t going to stop’

16/01/2014: The Spectator ‘The Tories’ hunger games’

16/01/2014: The Scotsman ‘One in every 100 Scots will have visited food bank’

10/01/2014: Al Jazeera ‘Benefit cuts open UK welfare state debate’

09/01/2014: Third Force News ‘Foodbanks: much more than a hill of beans’

04/01/2014: Mirror ‘The £100,000 raised by readers for Mirror’s Christmas Appeal will make a massive difference to hungry families’

2013 National Press Coverage

28/12/2013: The Observer ‘Food banks: cowardly coalition can’t face the truth about them’

28/12/2013: Daily Mirror ‘Who knows how many people will have to rely on food banks for Christmas dinner in 2014?’

24/12/2013: Daily Mirror ‘Ricky Tomlinson at Trussell Trust food bank: My proud city Liverpool does not deserve to go hungry’

24/12/2013: Cambridge News ‘Former Archbishop of Canterbury and Cambridge University college Master Rowan Williams criticises Iain Duncan Smith’s “disturbing” remarks about foodbanks’

21/12/2013: Observer ‘Charities condemn Iain Duncan Smith for food bank snub’

21/12/2013: Mirror ‘Food bank Brits are not scroungers’

21/12/2013: Sky News Food Banks ‘Will Help One Million In 2014’

21/12/2013: Mirror ‘The Mirror’s Christmas Appeal gets a little help from these children who are definitely on Santa’s ‘nice’ list’

21/12/2013: Huffington Post ‘Tory Minister Iain Duncan Smith Accuses Trussell Trust Food Bank Charity Of Political ‘Scaremongering’

20/12/2013: Mirror ‘Schoolgirls fed by foodbank shame Iain Duncan Smith with plea after he sneaked out of Commons debate’

19/12/2013: MSN ‘Supermarket fights over cheap veg’

19/12/2013: Guardian ‘Not all Tory MPs are in denial about what’s caused the rise in food banks’

18/12/2013: Independent ‘Iain Duncan Smith leaves Commons food banks debate early’

18/12/2013: BBC Online ‘Angry clashes take place during food banks debate’

18/12/2013: Mirror ‘Food banks debate: Recap updates as Tory ministers WALK OUT of MPs’ discussion on hunger’

18/12/2013: Guardian ‘The year government cuts changed the face of the welfare state’

18/12/2013: MSN ‘Increase pay to cut food bank use’

18/12/2013: Guardian ‘Let’s debate our need for food banks – a national disgrace’

18/12/2013: BBC Online ‘Christmas dinner on a food parcel’

17/12/2013: Guardian ‘Government under fire for rejecting European Union food bank funding’

16/12/2013: ITV ‘Food bank demand on the rise across south east’

14/12/2013: Mirror ‘Simon Cowell will give a kids a Christmas after generous donation to Sunday People appeal’

14/12/2013: Mirror ‘James Corden: The Sunday People Christmas appeal is amazing – please, please help’

13/12/2013: Guardian ‘Welfare minister urges local councils to invest in food banks’

12/12/2013: Mirror ‘Mirror Christmas foodbank appeal helps the poor and vulnerable in Orkney’

07/12/2013: Mirror ‘Secret Santa Appeal will help 20,000 British children facing a present-less Christmas’

05/12/2013: Mirror ‘Inside the food bank on David Cameron’s doorstep where desperate families need help just to eat’

04/12/2013: Mirror ‘Moved stars back our Christmas Appeal to feed hungry kids as readers give £20,000 to help food banks’

03/12/2013: Evening Standard ‘Health emergency’ over food costs’

02/12/2013: Mirror ‘Our Christmas dinner was going to be beans on toast – until Trussell Trust food parcel saved us’

01/12/2013: Mirror ‘Jessie J backs Mirror’s Give Our Kids A Christmas appeal supporting food banks’

01/12/2013: Mirror ‘We lived for six weeks on nothing but toast – then the Trussell Trust saved our Christmas’

30/11/2013: Mirror ‘Our Christmas Appeal for the Trussell Trust – with Unite the Union’

28/11/2013: Independent ‘Thousands of families reliant on food banks this Christmas’

28/11/2013: Mirror ‘Austerity Britain: One in four Britons have gone hungry in last year’

28/11/2013: ITV ‘60,000 families relying on foodbanks this Christmas’

28/11/2013: MSN ‘Campaigners launch food collection’

28/11/2013: The Scotsman ‘Parents skip meals so families don’t go hungry’

25/11/2013: Express ‘Mummy, are we going to get through the winter?’ Rocketing fuel prices devastated the poor’

20/11/2013: MSN ‘Food banks here to stay – Sentamu’

20/11/2013: Guardian ‘Rural poverty: when the food bank is only 20 miles away…’

18/11/2013: Daily Mail ‘Malnutrition cases almost DOUBLE in last five years as poorer families struggle to survive the economic downturn’

17/11/2013: Sunday Express ‘Food bank Britain: Thousands need charity handouts because of welfare system failings’

17/11/2013: Independent ‘Malnutrition cases in English hospitals almost double in five years’

12/11/2013: Guardian ‘Food banks: where is the ‘suppressed’ government report on UK food poverty?’

11/11/2013: The Telegraph ‘Millions struggle with ‘unaffordable’ mortgage and rent’

29/10/2013: Guardian Comment ‘Some British people can’t afford to heat their food. Aren’t we ashamed?’

18/10/2013: MSN Who’s using food banks?’

17/10/2013: Independent Voices ‘The Nasty Party is back, sneering at food banks and those who use them’

16/10/2013: Channel 4 ‘Number of people using food banks triples – video’

16/10/2013: The Independent ‘Hungrier than ever: Britain’s use of food banks triples’

16/10/2013: BBC News ‘Numbers relying on food banks triple in a year’

16/10/2013: The Guardian ‘Charity calls for official inquiry as food bank use triples in a year’

16/10/2013: Mirror ‘Food bank demand TRIPLES on figures from last year – Government must stop charities feeding the UK’

16/10/2013: Financial Times ‘Food bank demand triples as welfare changes bite’

16/10/2013: New Statesman ‘Food bank figures reinforce Labour’s cost of living offensive’

16/10/2013: Spectator  ‘Food bank use is up again: how can ministers respond?’

16/10/2013: International Business Times ‘Empty Stomachs: A Tale of Two London Trussell Trust FoodBanks’

16/10/2013: Huffington Post ‘Food Banks Need Urgent Investigation, As Use Triples In ONE YEAR, Charity Claims’

16/10/2013: Scotsman  ‘Food banks see five times as many Scots needing aid’

16/10/2013: Express ‘PM urged to examine foodbank use’

16/10/2013: Metro ‘Families too poor to heat up food given by charity’

16/10/2013: ITV News ‘Foodbank use has tripled’

16/10/2013: Sky News ‘Pressure On Cameron As Food Bank Use Soars’

16/10/2013: Daybreak ‘Number of people using food banks ‘triple’ in a year’

22/09/2013: The Independent ‘One in three Britons struggling to feed themselves’

19/09/2013: Huffington Post ‘More Working Families In Poverty Than On Benefits In Wales, Study Finds’

16/09/2013: WalesOnline ‘Number supported by food parcels in Wales doubles’

15/09/2013: BBC News Online ‘Trussell Trust food bank charity criticises Michael Gove comment’

14/09/2013: Channel 4 News ‘Government scraps official food bank figures’

13/09/2013: The Mirror ‘One in seven children go to school HUNGRY according to shock report’

12/09/2013: The Guardian ‘Food bank Britain: ‘I didn’t ask to be ill”

11/09/2013: BBC News Online ‘PMQs: Miliband and Cameron on Gove food bank comments’

11/09/2013: The Daily Mail ‘Michael Gove branded an ‘absolute disgrace’ for claiming people who use food banks have only got themselves to blame’

11/09/2013: The Guardian ‘UK’s bedroom tax and housing crisis threaten human rights, says UN expert’

09/09/2013: The Express ‘Kenny Dalglish lauds Stiliyan Petrov and Celtic fans after charity success’

06/09/2013: The Guardian ‘Welfare cuts: A tale of two food bank vouchers’

06/09/2013: New Statesman ‘The Trussell Trust hits out at Cameron: the coalition has broken its agreement with foodbanks’

05/09/2013: The Mirror ‘Food banks: Ministers accused of breaking agreement to help hungry jobseekers’

16/08/2013: The Observer ‘Food bank Britain: life below the line’

14/08/2013: The Mirror ‘Meet Trussell Trust founders Paddy and Carol Henderson whose Foodbanks have fed 900,000 hungry Brits’

11/08/2013: The Mirror ‘Food bank boss blasts Iain Duncan Smith over claims rise in demand is not down to cuts’

09/08/2013: The Independent ‘Summer of hunger: Huge rise in food bank use as demand linked to ‘welfare reform’

26/07/2013: Al Jazeera spent time at Waterloo foodbank, following the CofE’s move to compete payday lenders out of the market

18/07/2013: The Mirror ‘Crisis loan cuts putting vulnerable families in clutches of payday lenders, warns Archbishop of York’

14/07/2013: The Independent ‘Feed thy neighbour: Charting the journey of a food-bank donation’

11/07/2013: Guardian  ‘Homeless and penniless – the food bank users with nowhere else to turn’

11/07/2013: BBC  ‘Food bank charity attributes growth in usage to welfare reforms’

11/07/2013: Guardian ‘Huge rise in use of food banks since welfare changes, says aid body’

11/07/2013: Evening Standard ‘Demand for food banks triples ‘because of benefit delays or changes’

11/07/2013: Huffington Post ‘Food Bank Use Tripled After Welfare Changes, Says Trussell Trust’

11/07/2013: The Independent ‘Benefit cuts sends number of food bank users soaring’

11/07/2013: Huffington Post ‘Osborne Branded ‘Out Of Touch’ For Never Visiting A Food Bank’

08/07/2013: The Sun looks at statistic of 44 per cent of 18 -24 year olds having suffered food poverty in the past year

01/07/2013: The Telegraph covers new research, which discovered one in five people in the UK are battling food poverty

29/06/2013: The Spectator examines why ‘it’s wrong to be ashamed of Britain’s foodbanks’

28/06/2013: Third Sector discusses their award winners, of which Trussell Trust is voted Britain’s Most Admired Charity 2013!

27/06/2013: The Independent addresses the Chancellor’s Spending Review, including the response of Trussell Trust Executive Chairman, Chris Mould

27/06/2013: The Guardian gets the response of charities following the Spending Review announcement of a 7 day wait for benefits for new claimant, many predicting an increased use of foodbanks.

27/06/2013: BBC News Executive Chairman, Chris Mould, tells the BBC that ‘Any delay in starting payments of social security to people who have just lost their jobs will increase the number of people who are referred to food banks’.

21/06/2013: Radio 4’s Today Program spends time at a foodbank in the Cotswolds following Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s research highlighting the issue of rural poverty

16/06/2013: BBC Sunday Politics speaks to former accountant at the Tower Hamlets foodbank and Executive Chairman, Chris Mould, about Universal Credit.

30/5/2013: ITV Calendar speaks to Sarah from Hull foodbank about the rising demand for help from foodbanks.

30/5/2013: This is Money covers Church Action on Poverty & Oxfam’s ‘walking the breadline’ report into to food poverty.

30/5/2013: The Telegraph covers Church Action on Poverty & Oxfam’s ‘walking the breadline’ report which calls for a parliamentary inquiry into the impact of benefit reforms on foodbank use.

30/5/2013: The Guardian covers Church Action on Poverty & Oxfam’s ‘walking the breadline’ report and highlights delays on benefits as one of the reasons people are forced to seek help from foodbanks.

30/5/2013: BBC News looks at Church Action on Poverty & Oxfam’s ‘walking the breadline’ report which called parliament to launch an urgent enquiry into food poverty in the UK.

30/5/2013: The Daily Mail reports on families seeking help to starve off hunger based on Church Action on Poverty & Oxfams ‘walking the breadline’ study.

30/5/2013: The Independent covers Church Action on Poverty & Oxfam’s ‘walking the breadline’ report and chats to some foodbank users.

30/5/2013: The Mirror reports that nearly half a million people in the UK may now be relying on foodbanks according to Church Action on Poverty & Oxfam’s ‘walking the breadline’ investigation.

24/05/2013: Evening Standard speaks to Executive Chair Chris Mould and Hammersmith & Fulham foodbank manager about the need for foodbanks in wealthy areas of London

06/05/2013: Woman’s Own interviews Foodbank Manager Tarnia, ‘Helping The Hungry’

30/04/2013: Scottish Sun speaks to mum Suzanne who had so little to eat she could no longer breastfeed and teens who walk a 5 hour round trip to get a food parcel

29/04/2013: Scottish Sun speaks to single mum Tracey who resorted to eating dog biscuits after going 4 days without food

28/04/2013: Independent on Sunday features Trussell Trust founders Paddy & Carol Henderson and Hammersmith & Fulham foodbank manager Daphine Aitkens

27/04/2013: ITV Anglia covers the former Archbishop joining in the #TrolleyPush at Cambridge foodbank

26/04/2013: Regional Development Officer, Ewan Gurr, examines the rise of foodbank use in Scotland for Herald Scotland

26/04/2013: Press TV visits Hammersmith & Fulham foodbank and speak to project manager Daphine about the increase in figures

25/04/2013: MSN News asks ‘What are foodbanks and Why do we need them?’

24/04/2013: Newsnight visit Salisbury foodbank ahead of the ONS report on the economy during the first quarter of 2013

24/04/2013: New Statesman covers the increasing number of people helped by foodbanks since 2008/9

24/04/2013: Fiona Twycross MP write in the New Statesman that ‘It’s time to act on food poverty’

24/04/2013: ITV News speaks to client mum Tracey about having to use the foodbank

24/04/2013: BBC Breakfast spent time at the Salisbury foodbank in response to the breaking news of end of year figures

24/04/2013: Metro front page addresses the trebling of numbers needing emergency food

24/04/2013: Evening Standard addresses the quintupled use of foodbanks since 2010

24/04/2013: Financial Times speak to client mum Sam and Tower Hamlets foodbank manager

24/04/2013: Huffington Post covers the ‘wake up call to the nation’ of a five-fold increase in foodbank demand

24/04/2013: Guardian reports on surging demand on UK foodbanks

24/04/2013: BBC Radio 5live spoke to Lynda Battarbee, Regional Development Officer, about the 170% increase in people given emergency food by foodbanks across the UK

24/04/2013: Mirror speaks to Oxfam and an MP about the shocking foodbank end of year statistics

24/04/2013: Bloomberg news reports on the near tripling of numbers fed by foodbanks in the UK

24/04/2013: ITV Daybreak dicussed the huge increase in the number of people helped by foodbanks in 2012/13

24/04/2013: Independent reports on the near 350,000 people who received emergency food from foodbanks last year

21/04/2013: Daily Star spoke to mum Gemma about the hope foodbank gave her

20/03/2013: Mirror visits Westminster foodbank and speaks to struggling client

19/03/2013: CNN speaks to a part-time working mum who is a foodbank client, she said “If [the] food bank wasn’t here I’d be on the street”

19/03/2013: Huffington Post  highlights the unexpected locations of Foodbanks in some of the UK’s most affluent areas ahead of the budget

17/03/2013: The Independent reports on the ‘explosion’ of Foodbank figures, leading to the emergency ‘Help Crack UK Hunger’ appeal

16/03/2013: Al Jazeera stresses the rising interest in foodbanks across the UK and speak to a client in Salisbury

13/03/2013: Agence France-Presse reports reports on fears that the UK benefit cap could push more into poverty

05/03/2013: Metro reports on Kellogg’s research, outlining that 4.7 people are living in food poverty in the UK

24/02/2013: The Guardian reports on the Defra inquiry; a government comissioned investigation into the growth of foodbanks and other food aid schemes.

18/02/2013: The Guardian also covers the issue of food poverty putting ‘UK’s international human rights obligations in danger’

17/02/2013: The Independent  on UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier de Schutter, being ‘alarmed by rise of food banks in UK’

16/02/2013: The Mirror reports on the PM’s secret visit to a non-Trussell Trust foodbank without meeting clients, having turned down 2 invitations from Chief Executive Chris Mould.

22/01/2013: The Guardian comment ‘Charities’ silence on government policy is tantamount to collusion’

12/01/2013: The Independent journalist spends 1 week living off the low-middle income average of £175, demonstrating how some clients come to need the foodbank

11/01/2013: Women In The World  considers the situation of Breadline Britain

09/01/2013: The Big Issue covers the increasing number of foodbanks in the UK, ‘the sign of a struggling nation’

05/01/2013: The Mirror learn that children as young as four are being helped by foodbanks

2012 National Press Coverage

19/01/2012: The Sunday Mirror speaks to mothers struggling to feed their children who have been helped by their local Foodbank

17/01/2012: The Spectator published an open letter from one of The Trussell Trust Foodbanks

23/12/2012: Huffington Post covers the projection that foodbanks will feed double the number of people this Christmas, compared to last year

23/12/2012: The Independent on Sunday named Patrick and Carol Henderson, founders of The Trussell Trust, in the list of Great Britons 2012

22/12/2012: The Observer spends time with a family who would have gone hungry at Christmas without their local foodbank

20/12/2012: The Spectator suggests that rising food prices are causing more people to turn to foodbanks

19/12/2012: Six fold increase in number of foodbanks discussed in Prime Minister’s Questions

19/12/2012: The Daily Record highlights the 2000 children expected to be fed by foodbanks in Scotland at Christmas

19/12/2012: Mirror reports on the topic of foodbanks entering parliament

17/12/2012: New Statesman describes how foodbanks are becoming essential for the working poor

09/12/2012: Mirror reports on the growing number of people forced to used foodbanks this year

06/12/2012: The Metro speaks to client who walked 12 miles to get to a foodbank

06/12/2012: This Morning spoke to ‘Carmel’ a foodbank client who has been skipping meals to feed her children

03/12/2012: Foodbank client Vickie tells The Sun of skipping meals after losing her job

20/11/2012: ITV covered London Assembly’s tour of Peckham foodbank

17/11/2012: The Economist on measuring poverty and their foodbank visit

16/11/2012: Sky News looks at the rising number of children going to school hungry

30/10/2012: Britain’s Hidden Hungry documentary spends six months at Coventry foodbank. Read The Trussell Trust’s response.

29/10/2012: The Times writes about their visit to the foodbank in the affluent Cotswolds

28/10/2012: The Sun highlights the growing number of Brits relying on foodbanks

22/10/2012: Evening Standard speaks to people using London foodbanks

17/10/2012: The Daily Telegraph notes the record numbers relying on foodbanks to survive

16/10/2012: BBC 6 O’Clock news visits Salisbury foodbank warehouse and a family helped by Trussell Trust

16/10/2012: Mirror reports on the increase in figures of numbers fed by Trussell Trust

16/10/2012: Christian Today highlights Trussell Trust 6 month figures and ‘giveitup4foodbank’ campaign

16/10/2012: BBC News talks to a client following release of 6 month statistics

16/10/2012: The Guardian looks at regions of UK where people rely most on foodbanks with statistics breakdown of people fed in first 6 months of 2012

01/10/2012: BBC News reports on Foodbanks increase in Wales as household incomes fall

01/10/2012: Mary Creagh MP warns of ‘hunger epidemic’ in Morning Star

18/09/2012: Guardian interviews Executive Chair Chris Mould about his role in and the growth of The Trussell Trust

18/09/2012: Al Jazeera looking at the issue of children going to school hungry

13/09/2012: The Times reported on the issue of hungry children

04/09/2012: Newsnight explores the growing demand for foodbanks in breadline Britain

03/09/2012: Citizen’s Advice Scotland released report highlighting the rising demand for food parcels in Scotland

30/08/2012: BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat talks rapid growth of foodbanks and spends time in the Lincoln branch

10/08/2012: ITV’s Tonight programme feature on UK hunger and foodbanks

19/07/2012: Guardian‘s Amelia Gentleman explores foodbanks in G2

19/07/2012: Radio 4‘s TODAY programme explores child hunger and foodbanks in the UK.

13/07/2012: BBC talks about our fastest growing foodbank, Coventry.

03/07/2012: Daily Mail talks food poverty, food waste and foodbanks

03/07/2012: Foodbanks in photos on Guardian online

25/06/2012: The Guardian Food banks: ‘People would rather go without and feed their children first’

14/06/2012: Trussell Trust foodbank family talked about working poverty on ITV Daybreak

12/05/2012: New Statesman features the rise of foodbanks

06/05/2012: Nick Owens talks foodbanks and child poverty in Sunday Mirror

30/04/2012: The Mirror‘s Brian Reade meets foodbank clients in Birmingham

30/04/2012: International Business Times reports increase in foodbank figures

29/04/2012: Foodbanks debated on BBC Politics Show Scotland FF to 1hr 6mins

28/04/2012: The Mirror features incredible growth of foodbanks

28/04/2012: The Tablet reports on breadline Britain and the role of foodbanks

28/04/2012: BBC Online talks growth of foodbanks in Scotland; Press Association features record growth in Scottish foodbanks.

27/04/2012: London Evening Standard and BBC Radio London report 150 per cent increase in numbers fed by London foodbanks

26/04/2012: Foodbanks double numbers of people fed in one year reported by ITV Daybreak, BBC Breakfast TV, BBC News, ITV News, The Guardian, Financial Times, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, BBC Radio 5Live

21/04/2012: Sky news reports on new foodbanks opening every four days

17/04/2012: The Times double page spread on growth of foodbanks in the UK

19/04/2012: Yahoo article explains how foodbanks help

17/04/2012: Great double page spread on foodbanks in The Times

6/04/2012: Foodbanks feature in Independent‘s expose on child poverty in the UK

15/03/2012: Foodbanks feature in BBC Radio 4 Thought for the Day

14/03/2012: Trussell Trust’s Chris Mould talks to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme

29/02/2012: BBC Radio 4’s Womans Hour talks about food poverty and speaks to a foodbank mum.

19/02/2012: Guardian mentions foodbanks in debate on Edwina Curry and food poverty

18/02/2012: Sunday Mirror reports on two new foodbanks opening every week

07/02/2012: Chris Mould talks foodbanks on BBC Radio 5 Live FF to 22.30mins

03/02/2012: The Sun meets foodbank families on the breadline

30/01/2012: The Guardian’s Felicity Lawrence reports on foodbanks at Hammersmith and Fulham

15/01/2012: Sunday Times visits Plymouth foodbank and reports on national growth of foodbank network

10/01/2012: BBC Newsround meets the Clarkes, a foodbank family.

08/01/2012 – 09/01/2011: BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme runs an update on foodbanks

04/01/2012: Trussell Trust asked to comment on government’s new recipe cards on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours

2011 National Press Coverage

24/12/2011: Independent on Sunday talks about foodbanks, debt and faith-based charities

22/12/2011: ITV National News visits Salisbury Foodbank

20/12/2011: Holyrood Magazine reports on rise of charity food handouts

17/12/2011: Observer feature on plight of foodbank families

17/12/2011: Lucy Siegle comments on foodbanks in Observer magazine

17/12/2011: Foodbanks are Day 13 in Guardian’s Charity Advent Calendar

17/12/2011: Sunday Express mentions foodbanks

16/12/2011: Hayley from BBC Newsround packs foodboxes

10/12/2011: Sunday Express thanks readers for donating over £10K to foodbanks

04/12/2011: Sunday Times talks foodbanks

27/11/2011: Foodbank front page in Sunday Express

18/11/2011: Foodbanks feature on BBC’s Hairy Bikers cookery programme FF to 25mins

10/11/2011: Chris Mould discusses foodbanks and impact of benefit delays with BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours

22/10/2011: Polly Toynbee talks about The Trussell Trust launching a new foodbank every month in her Guardian column

20/10/2011: Sutton foodbank’s Mark Tomlinson does a great job talking foodbanks on BBC Breakfast TV

18/10/2011: ITV News features Eastbourne Foodbank in headline piece about rising food prices

15th, 16th and 17th October 2011: Foodbanks feature in debated on UK hunger on BBC Radio 5Live

13/10/2011: Trussell Trust Director Chris Mould and Redbridge foodbank on ITV Daybreak

11/10/2011: BBC 1’s One Show looks at foodbanks

09/10/2011: Foodbanks on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Programme

07/10/2011: Alex’s epic 315KM Run features in Run England

01/10/2011: Jay Rayner talks foodbanks and fareshare in the Guardian

30/09/2011: Big feature on Bill Nighy and Foodbanks in the Mirror

26/09/2011: BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat reports on young people needing foodbanks

26/09/2011: Scottish Daily Record front cover and double page spread!

19/09/2011: The Mirror talks foodbanks

18/09/2011: BBC Radio 5 Live speak to a foodbank client about her experiences

18/09/2011: JCP refer clients to foodbanks: Independent on Sunday

11/09/2011: Radio 4 Food Programme‘s 25 minute report on foodbanks

20/08/2011: Trussell Trust Exec Chairman Chris Mould tells BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme why foodbanks are experiencing such high demand.

09/08/2011: Swindon Foodbank and Trussell Trust’s Chris Mould featured in Financial Times

21/07/2011: Foodbanks part of ITV Tonight’s Food Inflation programme

24/06/2011: Foodbanks and food inflation feature on BBC One Breakfast TV

21/06/2011: Clapham Park foodbank features on BBC London News

21/06/2011: Herald Scotland‘s hidden hunger story talks foodbanks

18/06/2011: Sky News reports how foodbanks are helping some of the UK’s 1.6 million children in poverty

15/06/2011: Surge in foodbank numbers as more are hit by inflation reported in Bloomberg, San Francisco Chronicle and Philanthropy Chronicle

14/06/2011: ‘Gone to bed crying with hunger’ BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme tells foodbank story, also featured on BBC online

10/06/2011: Foodbanks get front page of the Church Times!

14/05/2011: The Guardian meets foodbank clients and reports on 50% increase in numbers

16/04/2011: Actor Bill Nighy visits a foodbank: watch Guardian online‘s video

23/03/2011: The Daily Mail report on Okehampton Foodbank and amazing community support

16/03/2011: The Daily Telegraph talk foodbanks in their feature on farmers…

15/03/2011: Okehampton Foodbank’s sudden surge in demand is reported in The Guardian, on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show, BBC NewsThe Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Sun.

11/03/2011: First virtual foodbank! Radio 4’s ‘The Archers’ has launched Felpersham Foodbank which is the beneficiary of Ambridge’s Lent Appeal

09/03/2011: Foodbanks featured on Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’

07/03/2011: Foodbanks feature on BBC Inside Out South (fast forward to 20.05mins), plus watch River Cottage chef Tim Maddams cook wild rabbit pasta or pig’s head with lentils in Salisbury foodbank centre

16/02/2011: Read about how food poverty is on the rise on the Channel 4 News Website

02/02/2011: Money Market magazine features foodbanks

22/01/2011: Chef Mark Hix writes thrifty recipes inspired by foodbank in The Independent

21/01/2011: Foodbanks feature on Christian World News

04/01/2011: Trussell Trust Director, Chris Mould, features on BBC One Breakfast TV

04/01/2011: Trussell Trust Director Chris Mould talks to BBC Radio 5Live

21/12/2010: The Guardian reports on Jobcentre Plus giving out food vouchers: Read Guardian article

18/12/2010: Jobcentre Plus to give out foodbank vouchers: Read BBC Online article

12/12/2010: Life on the poverty line: Read The Independent on Sunday‘s foodbank feature

05/12/2010: Trussell Trust foodbank client featured in Independent on Sunday’s child poverty report

Listen to BBC Radio 2: Jeremy Vine Show interview Chris Mould and a foodbank client

Click here to watch our spot on ITV Meridian News

Listen to BBC Radio 5Live interview Chris Mould and a foodbank client talk about how foodbanks work: Click on 08/10/10 and fast forward to 47.24mins

Read about how Haverhill foodbank feed the hungry on BBC Cambridgeshire

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Read how benefits reassessments could affect foodbanks in Independent on Sunday

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Phillip Blond, Director of ResPublica think tank blogs about foodbanks, benefit delay and how the government needs to support foodbanks: Click here 

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Cold weather hits foodbank clients hard, read more in the Guardian’s feature

BBC News Channel, Monday 26th October, the foodbank network explained how recession is affecting UK hunger and how foodbanks are stepping up to meet this challenge.

The Trussell Trust’s foodbank network featured on BBC One News on Weds 16th September, and on BBC online and BBC News Channel! Click here to see the online version.

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Foodbanks featured on Sky News on Easter Sunday, alongside the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury!

BBCPoints West: Watch Gloucester foodbank explain how recession has affected them

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Watch Salisbury foodbank on France 24 International TV News  Following enquiries, we would like to confirm that the foodbank centre gives food to clients like this family in used supermarket carrier bags, as if they had been shopping.

Watch Haverhill foodbank on the BBC and hear the story of one of it’s first clients

Read about the foodbank in The Independent on Sunday