You’ve helped us raise more than a smile…

Thanks to our supporters we’ve been able to help millions of people get back on their feet. We’re here to support our network of over 420 foodbanks all over the country carry out their amazing and essential work, providing food, emotional support and practical advice for families who really need us.

“Thank you, for the help you have given me at such a tough time in my life. You have enabled The Trussell Trust to offer me the spark of hope and compassion I needed.

It’s true, people can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 minutes without air but I know that individuals can only live 1 second without hope.

You gave me that hope and I am so thankful.”

Simon, referred to a Foodbank in our network

We want to be able to support foodbanks deliver not just emergency food supplies, but also help people find a sense of stability in their lives. Foodbanks need our support all year round, and the only way we can do this is with your help. By supporting us with a monthly gift you are helping us effective plan for the future.

Our supporters mean the world to us because they make our work possible. This is why we treat all our supporters with respect and openness and why we will commit to:

  • Being open and honest with you and never sharing, selling or renting personal data to third parties for marketing purposes
  • Never putting supporters under pressure to make or continue a relationship with us
  • Respecting supporters wishes and preferences
  • Using supporters financial commitment to us for the purpose they intended
  • Always listening to supporters when they have concerns

Regular gifts help give us the security we need to develop and implement projects designed to tackle the underlying causes of poverty. They are also the most cost effective way to give, with fewer administrative costs; it means that more money can go towards changing lives. Can you help us today with a regular gift?

If you are interested in setting up a regular gift with The Trussell Trust please call our

Donor Relations team on 01722 580 178, or email them at

and they will be happy to talk you through setting up your donation.

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