Text ‘Rishi’ FAQs

How do I send my message? 

Simply send a text message to 88080 starting with the word ‘Rishi’, followed by why you think the Government must reinstate the £20 a week back to families on Universal Credit. 

Texts cost one standard rate message, and can vary depending on who your provider is. 

You can also send a message for free using our online form.   


What will you do with my message? 

We’ll collect the most powerful messages to display around Westminster on 20 October with the aim of persuading Rishi Sunak to reverse the cut to Universal Credit. 

We hope that by bringing the voices of people who are concerned about the impact of the cut on them or their communities, we can make the case that we must strengthen our social security system.  


Am I actually texting Rishi Sunak? 

Not quite. We’re working with an agency called If Not Now who will pick the most powerful ones to display around the Chancellor’s offices in the run up to the Spending Review. 


Will I be told if my message is chosen? 

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to reach out to individuals directly, but if you keep an eye on our social channels we’ll be sharing your messages in the run up to the Spending Review in the hope of changing the Chancellor’s mind.  


How long do I have to send my message? 

We’ll have the text action available right up until 17 October, which is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. We’ll keep our online form open right up until the Spending Review on 27 October for anyone who would prefer to send us a message for Rishi through that medium.