Let's Make Scotland a Good Food Nation

The Scottish Government is asking the public what they think of their Bill to make Scotland a Good Food Nation. We need to send a strong message that no one should ever need a food bank’s help as they can access and afford good food.

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What is it?

The Scottish Government is consulting on its proposals around the Good Food Nation Bill, which is intended to make Scotland a nation where healthy, affordable food is accessible to everyone, and the food system is fair.

Here's what we think

  1. The proposals need to focus on hunger and poverty – without this, Scotland will only be a ‘Good Food Nation’ for the wealthy.
  2. Businesses must play their role too – to make food affordable, and pay their workers a fair wage.
  3. An independent panel that involves people with lived experience of hunger are best placed to assess the Scottish Government’s progress.
  4. The Government should incorporate a ‘right to food,’ and other economic and social rights, into Scottish law.

The proposals say that the Government and some public authorities:

  • Will need to make a policy on food, which covers the entire food system including food production and consumption issues, and access to affordable, local, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food
  • Have to use this policy on food to guide their decisions on food and other kinds of policies
  • Would have to respect and uphold the right to food
  • Will have to be accountable to the public and the Scottish Government:
    • By consulting with the public when making the policy
    • Reviewing the policy every five years
    • Setting targets for progress and reporting on these every two years to the Scottish Parliament

You can find out more about the consultation on the Scottish Government’s website.

Why should I respond?

Your views about what a ‘Good Food Nation’ looks like are really important and need to be heard. These proposals are a step forward towards a Scotland free of hunger, and the Government needs to know the public and food banks on the frontline want action.

But we need to send a strong message to the Government – that no one should ever need a food bank’s help and should be able to access and afford good food.

How do I respond?

The consultation closes on 18 April and we need to make sure as many people as possible can stand up and be heard.

Our short form makes it quick and easy to send a strong message to the Scottish Government. Add your voice now to help make Scotland a truly Good Food Nation.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team at [email protected].