Our relationship with Tesco extends to over 6 years and has positively impacted on the lives of well over a million individuals who have faced crisis in that time.

With Tesco we empower local communities, enable individuals to donate food and fight poverty ensuring that the vast majority of our foodbanks have access to regular food supplies through the Permanent Collection Points that are located in over 350 Tesco stores.

We are thrilled that the UK’s largest supermarket shares our vision that no-one should go hungry, and we are working together with Tesco and FareShare to make a difference in our communities. In total, Trussell Trust foodbanks have collected almost 12 million tonnes of food in Tesco stores since 2012!

The Food Collection

In addition to the permanent food collection points in hundreds of Tesco stores, we also work with Tesco and Fareshare employees and hold a highly targeted 3 day Food Collection on the first weekend of each December. This provides much-needed food and funds for local foodbanks. The Food Collection is great fun for foodbank volunteers and Tesco employees alike, and since its inception in 2012 Tesco customers have donated over 30 million meals to help feed people in crisis.


Tesco’s donations

Tesco top up their customers’ donations by a financial donation of 20% of the value of the food donated. We redistribute circa 90% of this to our foodbanks to contribute to their day-to-day running costs and provide important support beyond food. This income represents, for many foodbanks, a vital addition to the donated food.