Fuel Banks: Our ground-breaking partnership with npower.

Many people who are in need of emergency food are often also in fuel crisis, unable to both heat their homes and afford their weekly food shop; The Trussell Trust believe that no one should have to make this choice.

As foodbanks provide a unique opportunity to reach people in fuel crisis, with 50% of clients using pay per meter (PPM) energy, in 2015 we partnered with npower to pilot the Fuelbank scheme to help alleviate this problem. Fuel vouchers give referred clients up to two weeks of breathing space to seek longer-term help with their fuel bills.

Fuel Bank piloted in four foodbanks, giving out 7,000 vouchers and helping over 16,000 people in 2015. Since then, Fuel Bank has expanded and is now running in 31 foodbanks across the UK and has helped over 82,000 people with over £1.8m worth of fuel. Combining the distribution of food parcels with npower Fuel Bank vouchers ensures that many thousands of people at foodbanks get the help they need to feed themselves and stay warm.

In addition to providing the fuel vouchers and funding the team which facilitate the work, npower make annual donations to the participating foodbanks.

We are very grateful to have partnered with npower on such a groundbreaking project and look forward to continuing our work together towards breaking the cycle of poverty in the UK.