Fundraising Legal Matters

Legal rules and regulations to consider when planning your event.

Rules & licences
Whilst we’re sure you won’t break the law intentionally, some fundraisers like raffles, lotteries and competitions with prizes have strict legal rules about how they are organised and some require licences.
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Local authority
Make sure you check with your local authority before holding events where collecting money on the streets or running market stalls are concerned.

Liability & insurance
The Trussell Trust cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by anyone participating in a fundraising event. Where necessary you should arrange adequate public liability insurance cover.

Remember to include our name and charity number on all your publicity material:

The Trussell Trust is Registered Charity No. 1110522.

If you’re not sure whether your event requires a licence or special permission, have a look at The Institute of Fundraising’s website: