Fundraising Health & Safety

Fundraising should be fun! Let’s keep it that way!

The best way to avoid any accidents or mishaps is to apply plenty of common sense.

If you’re using any equipment for your fundraising event, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

Always thoroughly check anything that’s a possible source of problems by doing a risk assessment.

If your event is going to involve lots of people, make sure that they are enough qualified, or appropriately briefed people to supervise.

Food hygiene & preparation
If your event involves food preparation, make sure you follow food hygiene rules for safe preparation, storage, display and cooking of food. The last thing you want to do is make people ill – they’ll remember the event but for the wrong reason!

Medical check-ups
Events which involve strenuous activities (such as running, swimming, etc.) should clearly state that a medical check-up is recommended – particularly where a level of fitness is required. Often, great ideas arise out of a sense of bravado so it’s really important no one is putting themselves or others at risk by attempting something that’s too demanding, or even dangerous.

First aid
Where appropriate, it’s a good idea to have a first aider at the ready or to arrange for St John Ambulance to attend your event.

Risk assessment
Useful advice on all things related to health and safety, including risk assessment can be found at