Fundraising Tips

Helping you plan the perfect event.

Best dates & times

What time of year would be best? What else is happening? Are there other big fundraising events coming up at the same time?

Consider any clashes, locally or nationally, that might make it harder for your event to be a success.

Remember to give yourself time to manage the planning process and allow sufficient flexibility – particularly if you will need other people to help.

Where is it going to happen?

Book your event as early as you can, that way you have more time to plan and to publicise.

Is it in a public place? Do you need an events licence?

Check out the practicalities of the venue itself – does it have a kitchen? Toilets? Do you need an alcohol licence? What’s its legal capacity? Do you require disabled access?

Also, make sure you book the venue before printing posters for example.

Promoting your events

Get anyone and everyone you know to publicise what you’re doing!

Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media – a quick, simple and effective way of promoting events at little or no cost.

Who can help?

Ask your contacts in schools, businesses, churches to help you promote the event. Some may even have useful links to caterers, or other key contacts.

Why not ask your workplace to match-fund any donations you get: For every £1 you raise they give you £1 – easy!

Lots of local businesses are often happy to donate prizes for raffles too, for example.

Collecting money & sponsorship

There are many ways to handle the donations you receive.


An easy way to collect sponsorship money online is to set up your own totally secure JustGiving page.

You can ask people to sponsor you by sharing your link through email, Facebook and Twitter.


Another quick way to donate money is from your mobile phone.

To donate text TRUSSELL 2 (to donate £2 or TRUSSELL 5 to donate £5 or TRUSSELL 10 to donate £10) to 70085 it’s that simple!

The good news is we receive 100% of every donation and there’s nothing else you need to do.


All cheques need to be made payable to the Trussell Trust.

To donate money by bank transfer directly into the Trussell Trust charity account, please call our Fundraising Team on 01722 580 178.

Gift Aid

Make your fundraising go further; just ask sponsors who are UK taxpayers to tick a Gift Aid box. This enables us to claim an extra 25p per £1 you donate at no extra cost to you. A £10 donation will be transformed into £12.50!

This makes a huge difference so please ask supporters who are eligible to do so.