Hold a Foodie Fundraiser

Let’s cook up a storm to fight UK hunger together

Organise a fantastic Foodie Fundraiser and help us serve up an end to food banks in the UK.

Help end hunger and poverty in the UK

A dinner party, movie night, a potluck lunch – holding a Foodie Fundraiser is a great opportunity to spend time with friends, family, or your local community and raise funds and awareness for the Trussell Trust at the same time.


A menu for everyone

Whether you’re a keen chef or a supermarket shopper, a dinner party lover or just simply brunch-obsessed, anyone can hold a Foodie Fundraiser.

You can host a BBQ at home, organise a potluck lunch with colleagues, or hold a breakfast with your friends. It can even be as simple as bringing your own lunch to work for a month!

All we ask is that you make whatever you choose count by getting your friends and family to sponsor you.


Why it matters

With your help we are able to support food banks in the Trussell Trust network to provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty and help them break the cycle of poverty.

Your kindness and support helps us reach even more people when they need us most, and helps our network of food banks provide emergency food and support to those in crisis.

Together we can campaign for change, influence policy, and increase awareness to create a future without the need for food banks, where everyone has enough money to afford the essentials.

Hold a Foodie Fundraiser and join us in creating a future where nobody needs to visit a food bank.