L&Q Support the London Foodbank Development Fund

As growing numbers of L&Q residents face hunger and are turning to foodbanks, the L&Q Foundation launched a project which supports the Trusts’ London Foodbank Development Fund.

The fund helps the Trussell Trust increase the capacity of food banks in London, developing and maintaining provision in challenging times. Various activities for food banks are funded including the extension of opening times and the purchase of equipment; it enables a food bank to respond best to its own challenges, the needs of its community, and the vulnerable people that they are there to help.

L&Q are one of largest charitable housing associations in the country, with over 150,000 adults and children living in their homes. Their mission being to create homes and neighbourhoods is driven by a social purpose and their charitable foundation supports social housing tenants to live independent lives, increasing opportunity and aspiration in these residents and the wider communities.