We’re building a collection of resources to support you and your church to grow in awareness and understanding of the problem of poverty in the UK, and to help you reflect and act on what the Christian faith has to teach us about how to respond to it.

Food for thought

At the Trussell Trust, our food bank network has borne witness to the devasting financial impacts of the pandemic which have left many families and individuals unable to afford to put food on the table. In an article for the Diocese of Southwark, Emma Revie, CEO of the Trussell Trust,  considers how best to rebuild our society to respond to the problem of poverty.



As we provide emergency support to people in crisis,  how do we show compassion in our communities and seek justice in society? Listen to Bishop Graham Tomlin & Mark Melluish in conversation on this topic with Trussell Trust’s Emma Revie. New Wine article

Small Group Resources

Explore what compassion, dignity, justice, and community mean for you, for your community, and for our society through this series of small group sessions, designed to help you reflect, share experiences, engage with the Bible, and pray together.  The full set of resources will be available from April.

Bible study session – COMPASSION

Bible study session – DIGNITY

Bible study session – JUSTICE

Bible study session – COMMUNITY

Find out more

Our research will give you a real insight into food bank use in the UK and what we can do to create change. You might also like to read more about our strategy to end the need for food banks or find out about your nearest Trussell Trust food bank and their work in your local community.

Lent resources

A selection of reflections and prayers written by people with lived experience of poverty, who encountered God in the midst of their struggles. One reflection for each week of Lent.

Lent reflections

Winter prayers

Advent resources

These advent resources can be used as sermon notes, or as a starter for home group discussions. You can also support the work of the Trussell Trust and our food bank network with a selection of prayers.

Advent reflections

Winter Emergency Appeal prayers

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